If you ask an artist, “what is the most intimidating thing in your World?” Most will answer you, "A Blank Canvas". You would think it would be some statement about selling their art, or acceptance of their art, or fear of criticism, but it is the blank canvas that intimidates them the most. A blank canvas in your life can be the same way. It can be exciting or intimidating. It is all in how you view it.

A dear friend of mine had some challenges enter their life that required a complete reworking of every aspect of their life. The game plan was blown. Everything that had seemed settled, taken care of and on track was derailed. This individual reeled from the shock of the suddenness of the cataclysmic event that caused this dramatic derailing of every aspect of their life. It took some time, but they eventually came to realize that they had been given a tremendous gift . . The ability to face a blank canvas and make a new picture.

Fortunately the event was not health related and so they were physically able to create a new picture. They are still painting the new picture of their life. The process has not been without challenges but their new picture will be a masterpiece with a depth and quality that would not be there if they had not walked their path through the events as they occurred.

The new picture will be completely different from the originally envisioned one, but it will lead to greater wealth and happiness than this individual would have had if they had stayed with the old picture.

In my own life, I have suddenly had the opportunity to make a new picture. My 21-1/2 year career as a financial advisor was abruptly derailed by circumstances beyond my control. Due to the work I had done with OurBestIdea.com and my own determination, after recovering from the shock it was easy to see that the Universe had sent me a very clear cut message. But, what to do with the rest of my life? Obviously my work with OurBestIdea.com was going to continue, but there are demands that need to be met. Thusly, I decided to return to my original career choice, accounting.

I partnered with a dear friend I have known for over 25 years for that venture, and a new company was born. Wow, what a neat new start for this canvas in the collection.

Take a moment and look at the canvas of your life. It is most certainly not blank by this time of your life. There are smudges from sorrow and pain left from the past here, and masterful brushstrokes of direction and creation there, placed with great deliberation and care. There are splashes of colors from fear and inspiration and achievement and joy.

Do you like all areas of the picture? Probably not all of them, but you really like some of the places in the painting. So in your mind envision a blank canvas. If you had the opportunity to start afresh, to paint a new picture, what would it look like? This is the main element in designing a life you love to live.

• To be able to see it!

I mean really, really see it, in full detail, in living color; like a snapshot of where you want to be. This is the key element in manifesting the desired outcome from all your actions.

Call to your consciousness this year! Plan your new painting in the series of canvases that make up your life and use the information on OurBestIdea.com to help you design your new masterpiece.

Author's Bio: 

A Holistic Financial Advisor, and a 21+ year Veteran of the Securities Industry, Doctor of Divinity:

Dale has an unusual business perspective; she has delved into the psychology of the human psyche and has uncovered the world of wholeness. Now she is able to use this wisdom in its application to finance, spirit & daily life. Part of what makes Dale unique to the financial world is her creative side, she is a published author who enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. She is also a painter.