Holiday Food Foibles

The holidays are the perfect time to count your blessings, gather with friends and enjoy fun and laughter. Unfortunately, they are also filled with emotional gatherings that can derail your healthy eating efforts. Listed below are a few tips to make sure you don’t self-sabotage during this festive time. Curb your emotional eating and enjoy the fun times and laughter instead, as your ‘food’.

1. Set yourself up for success—If you know you are going to a place that will be loaded with food you don’t want to indulge in, eat something light and satisfying before you get there. A salad with nuts and craisins will give you a protein boost and elevate your mood from the leafy greens. You will be less susceptible to caving in from lack of energy.

2. Don’t fill up on snack foods. Limit your hors d’ouvres to vegetables and fruit. If there is a something there that you really want to try, sit down and take a moment to eat it and enjoy it, instead of mindlessly talking while stuffing your face. When it comes time for the main meal, you can relax and appreciate the time and energy your host put in to cook it!

3. Drink a glass of water in between your drinks—Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are really just thirsty or bored. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. It will not only keep your hands busy, but it will also fill you up.

4. Eat slowly--You don’t need as much as you think you do, especially when it comes to dessert. Take 2 bites and then put your fork down. Savor the taste—sometimes all we need is that little bit of sweetness to satiate the craving. Don’t feel like you need to ‘clean your plate’ like your parents taught you.

5. This is not the last supper! Sometimes when we go to Holiday parties, we eat like there is no tomorrow. You will feel this gorging when you wakeup—both in your pants and in your foggy brain. Take a look at the spread, appreciate the availability of different foods and then make your choice. You don’t have to try a little bit of everything!

6. Make a date for the next morning to move your body—When we know we are being held accountable for our actions, it’s much easier to stick to a plan. Make a date for an early morning walk or a spinning class with an exercise partner; this way it will stop you from over drinking or over eating and inspire you on your path to fitness.

Keep in mind that the holidays are for a time of gathering with those you care about, reflection and having fun. If you take the time to remember that food is meant to nurture and fuel your body, you will be less prone to overindulge. It doesn’t have to be the focus of each gathering, but an accent to an already enjoyable situation!

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie is a Health and Nutrition Counselor that focuses on encouraging people to become their best through helping them implement realistic lifestyle changes. Her passion for helping others and insatiable thirst for knowledge makes her an ideal coach for those looking to change habitual thinking and create the life they desire. She has a certification in Holistic Health as well as an MA in education and an MBA. She is available for personal appointments as well as corporate consulting. She can be reached at or via email