So you’ve written your ebook but what do you do now? How do you market an ebook and make money without spending an arm and a leg? I get this question all of the time. It seems that most people are at a loss when it comes to marketing their product.

The first thing you should do is develop your own affiliate program. With an affiliate program, you make money every time on of your affiliates sells your ebook. The more affiliates you get to join your program, the more money you will make. . In order to attract affiliates, post the information on your product at some of the affiliate directories. You can also recruit affiliates at marketing forums. There are many good affiliate programs out there. Two good affiliate programs are PayDotCom and ClickBank. You can find others by doing a search on your favorite search engine.

You should also consider using a pay-per-click program. Good pay-per-click programs can be found at Google, Yahho, MSN, and MIVA. There are also a number of other smaller players in this field that you can find by doing a search. Some of these smaller players offer good programs that are somewhat cheaper than programs offered by the bigger companies.

Pay-per-click advertising can bring targeted traffic to your website very quickly. However, set a tight budget and monitor your ROI (return on Investment). We’ve all heard the stories of people who spent thousands of dollars on pay-per-click programs and got few, if any sales. Keep a close eye on your budget and make sure that you don’t over-pay for the keywords that you select.

Another successful method to market your ebook is to write articles. With each article you write, include a link to your sales page. Article marketing works extremely well, but you have to submit articles on a regular basis. Writing just one or two a week won’t do you much good. To be really successful, you should write 1 to 5 articles every day. Submit them to the largest directory sites. The largest site is Ezinearticles.

By using the techniques described above, you can kick start your marketing program. And as things get rolling, commit some of your earnings back into additional marketing programs. This has a snowball effect. Before you know it, you’ll be making more money than you know what to do with.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide on how to easily develop and market your own ebook and start your own affiliate program.

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