I have always been intrigued by the idea of keeping a journal. I was always in awe of people I would see furiously writing in their journals at the park, the beach, at lunch, or on the train. What they heck were they writing about? From the looks on their faces, it seemed pretty intense!!

Inspired by their actions, I would go out and buy the prettiest journal I could find. Then I’d keep it for about 4 days, max. I was never able to get still to do this. So, in the drawer it would go.

When I began my coaching odyssey last year, I started up again. I wrote letters to God every morning. I liked this process of pouring out my thoughts to God on paper. It started my journaling and kept me on track for the first time in years.

After about 10 months of this practice, I decided I wanted to add another writing technique to the morning ritual, but what would it be? So I just wrote. I wrote about what was going on, what wasn’t going on, who did what to whom, etc. I began to feel flat, and like my journal was a chore that had to be done.

I was not ready to give up yet, so I purchased a guided journal that has prompts and questions for journaling. I was hooked!!! I am so glad that I did not give up my journal practice when the going got tough. Journaling has become a welcome ritual and one that I savor. Using the tools and techniques in my journal, I am able to ask myself questions, and gain new insights into myself.

Now, I find myself wanting to write more and more, not just in the morning. I now use this journal as my confidant and best friend, and take with me regularly. My journal does not care if I rant on and on about an issue, it never turns a deaf ear on me. I can ask my Inner Being a question on paper, and know that what I write in reply is the correct answer. I have gotten to know and appreciate myself newly by this practice.

I encourage all of my clients to keep a journal. There is no right or wrong way to journal. I think this is what gets people off to a rocky start – wanting perfect penmanship, not wanting to be too negative, wanting spelling and grammar to be perfect. Just write and trust that all that is coming forth is a valuable tool for your growth. Share your dreams, hopes, disappointments, and wins with your journal. Savor the connection with your Inner Being and nurture it; it is the most important relationship you will ever have.

If you have not kept a journal or have stopped and started over the years, give it another shot. Write for 5 minutes when you have time. Write about whatever you want, but just write. I promise you will not be disappointed, and I bet you will find out lots of cool stuff about yourself.

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Mary Jo Marchionni is a personal and career coach whose passion
is helping individuals to design and implement strategies to create an extraodinary life. She offers 2 complimentary coaching sessions to see if coaching is a fit for you. Visit her on the web at http://www.coachmaryjo.com or call her at 610.446.3704 to get on the path to true joy today!