People have always perceived money, wealth, abundance or prosperity to be scarce. By default, we have come to accept that and live like that in our everyday reality. We have been raised with our parents arguing about money or the lack of resources, we had to scrimp because there is little money, and we have heard a great deal about what the "want" of money can lead people to do.

It is exactly that "want" that leaves people wanting for more. The Law of Attraction or manifesting principle states that "you attract the things that your mind or thoughts focused on". By this law, your "wanting" of money or abundance makes you want it more, but you are not attracting or creating it at all. All you will succeed in "wanting" is creating more of the same feeling.

Now this law is a natural law. It is part and parcel of the workings of the universe and therefore it will always apply to you whether you want what you are manifesting or not. This is not new and I am sure you've heard about all these before. If you haven't heard of this, you might have applied this before albeit unconsciously.

As I have said, money or abundance is scarce in our reality because we have accepted it as such by witnessing hardships & financial problems over the years. This way of thinking is already like a habit. Habits are already automatic actions and unconsciously done. However, you can use the manifesting principle cited above to consciously attract abundance to you in the same you have unconsciously attracted scarcity. Just turn it around!

Yes it is easily said than done, but it can definitely be done. Overturning this "pauper mindset" as I call it is not just going to take a day or two. Years of living with it has ingrained it into our subconscious. It is going to take a strong & determined will power to overcome its hold in your psyche. The single most important step you can do right now is to make a firm a decision to ACCEPT THE ABUNDANCE THAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS. You can say it out loud right now (just don't let anybody hear you, they might think you've gone over the edge!). Say, "I ACCEPT THE ABUNDANCE THAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!" If this is the first time you have done it, it is going to sound embarrassing. Just repeat the affirmation as many times as you can. Say it out loud and start with pretending that you really believe it.

Here are other things you should try:

1. Aside from saying out loud your affirmation, write it down, draw it, make a symbol of it and carry it around. Be specific. Be positive.

2. Visualize money in your hands or in your wallet as if you are holding it already.

3. Do meditation & self-hypnosis. During hypnosis, the mind which is always full of haphazard & clashing thoughts is tamed down. During this time, it becomes more receptive to the ideas, like your affirmations, that you introduce to it.

4. Pretend as if there truly is abundance in your life right now. No, I am not saying you have to live beyond your means or spend unnecessarily. Start by giving thanks for whatever blessings you have right now, including the ones you take for granted because it is always there, like air or the beauty in nature. Make a habit of giving thanks for the smallest goodness or kindness you have received.

5. Make a habit of reading motivational books daily.

6. Act!

7. Even if you have successfully manifest abundance, continue affirming, meditating and reading motivational books.

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Joann Ang. She is a traveler in this mysterious and abundant universe. She owns the website Manifesting: Life Magick which is a journal of how she has used the art of manifesting in her life. She has found that the tremendous power to enjoy the abundance of this world lies within oneself. Through this website, she hopes to share her experience with conscious creation.