Transforming yourself to be confident and in touch with your subconscious is not that difficult, but it does take practice. Manifesting your desire can be as natural as breathing. When you focus on your intent you are creating a vibration through your thoughts that is sent throughout the universe to create anything you want in life. Transformation doesn't mean you need to do a lot of crawling around your subconscious to find blockages or other barriers that is holding you back. What you need to do is simply to let go and set your focus on your intent or desire and let it be as long as you are aware that you have always had this ability. Let go of the past and enjoy each moment naturally and always concentrate on slow breathing.

One of the first things to understand is that you can be the creator of your desires and goals at any specific moment. Society taught us to set up limits in our beliefs that stifle who we really are. Make it your responsibility to get in touch with your true selves and reach to the furthest of your ability and creativity.

Once you open yourself up and learn to visualize what you truly desire or dream of, you begin to create creative energy for manifesting. To be able to do this you need to give free expression to the vision you have relegated to the bottom of your thought processes because you thought it was unattainable. Setting limits and negativity probably won't get you far. Creating desire is up to your level of being able to accept that you can create and can get what you want out of life.

Manifesting cannot be achieved by willful manipulation or control of your reality and experiences, you can't make things happen or force things to happen, you need to simply let it happen, let it flow by concentrating on your desire and focus on the intent of making it happen. You also must let go of past emotions, hurts, betrayals and any other baggage you may be carrying around. They are things that happened in the past and therefore you are powerless to do anything about them except get rid of them as they are not helping you now. They were at first learning experiences, but these thoughts have turned into blockages and will limit your vision in manifesting your destiny.

Meditation is another great way to help with manifesting. Meditation will help you attract you dreams and manifest it into your reality faster and easier then you would think. Meditation raises the vibration of your thoughts and sends it out into the universe. The vibrations that you send out into the universe by purposeful thought on a particular desire will be much more focused and powerful and meditation helps achieve this in a more powerful way.

Manifestation involves visualization. It's a way of focusing on your intent. Whatever it is you want to achieve, act as if you have already achieved it. When you visualize what you want and act as if you have already achieved it, you are enlisting the law of attraction, which states that if you focus in on an object or desire and visualize it as already in your reality, you will attract what it is you want and soon it will become part of your reality.

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