All the buzz is about manifesting these days. But what many who are new to the metaphysical scene don’t realize that manifesting is more than just acquiring stuff. Not that acquiring stuff is necessarily bad. But in the end if that’s your only aim then the emptiness that your were trying to fill with the stuff only returns. But that’s another article.

Manifesting is inclusive of all areas of our lives. It’s really about creating harmonious relationships, perfect work, peace within our hearts and minds as well as incredible wealth. Happiness does not come from just one area of our lives; if we want true happiness we need fulfillment in all areas.

When we compartmentalize our lives we may feel overwhelmed with the thought of manifesting everything that we want in every area. But when we focus on the one core, the one source of all things good, it becomes much simpler. That one source is Love. Love is the Universal creative energy.

There are only two energies in the Universe, Love and fear. Love creates and fear destroys. Love is peace, harmony, health, joy, and abundance. Fear is anger, blame, guilt, shame, and ego. In other words anything that is not Love is a form of fear.

All things good are a result of love. All things that you may judge as bad are a result of fear. Therefore in order to manifest wealth, health, peace, joy and harmony you must be in the Love vibration. Love makes us feel good and when we feel good we are naturally attracting the good stuff. It’s the same as being angry and confronting the person you are angry at; you will probably get an angry response back. It’s the simple law of “you reap what you sow”. Sow love and you reap love…and all of its expressions. When you feel love you naturally feel peaceful and content.

Bring this concept to the issue of money. Imagine that you have an infinite flow of money. How would you feel? You would probably feel peaceful and content. This brings us to the Law of Reversibility that Neville Goddard, one of our greatest new thought teachers, speaks of in his many books. The Law of Reversibility says that if having money brings you peace and contentment then being peaceful and content will bring you money.

Being in the vibration of Love is all one must do to attract all things good. This can however be easier said than done. Being in the vibration of Love can seem next to impossible when you’re stuck in traffic and you’re late for a very important date. But it’s not impossible when you adjust your thinking. Your instant thought may be that you are going to lose something by being late for the date, perhaps miss an opportunity. This is the fear of loss. Remember, there are only two emotions fear and Love. But you can shift your thinking to “it’s all perfect” and allow yourself to know that the Universe is always paving the way for you to have a better and more fulfilling experience of life and if you do lose an opportunity it will only be replaced with something better. This brings you naturally into the vibration of love and peace.

A great way to move into the Love vibration is to be grateful. Make a point to become aware of all that you have and give thanks. When giving thanks this opens the gates for the Universe to give you even more.

When you harbor feelings of guilt, shame, anger or blame is can be difficult to get into the vibration of Love. So it’s important to release these feelings. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an incredibly quick and effective way to release these emotions that block your natural vibration of Love.

The most important thing for you to do in order to create the life you most desire is to feel good.

So what’s Love got to do with it?


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Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified EFT Practitioner, and Soul Realignment Practitioner specialing in Self-Love. Michelle understands and teaches her clients that Self-Love is our only path to Mastering your life.