Who isn't having a few fears running through them these days? We are surrounded by the news about our faltering economy, Wall Street, bank crisis and so much more, so we are wondering how are you doing?

Fear is a normal human response yet it is also a conditioned response that runs on automatic if we let it. Some define fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. All this to say that fear feels real and yet often times it is merely a thought that we believe to be true. How do you know if it is real or not? First observe yourself thinking the thought. From this position of objectivity, 1) ask what evidence you have to know it is real or true, 2) notice the intensity of the thought, the emotions that are arising and the impact it is having on you physically and 3) move your attention to your gut and say "I have a thought that is creating a reaction (describe the reaction you are having) in me. What will I choose to do next?"

Having a strategy ready when fear arises allows you to acknowledge it, assess it and then move into action. As Theresa often says, "the goal is to shorten the window of time that we are on automatic [or having fearful thoughts in this instance]." Fear will continue to arise in us and we will continue to catch ourselves on automatic. The good news is you have control as to how long it runs its course and the impact it has on you.

Listen LIVE as Peter O'Hanrahan guide you through a 3 Centers Practice that helps you strengthen your inner observer and practice shifting your attention from your head to your heart to your gut. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GtDmXCQyeU.

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Mary Anne Wampler is a nationally recognized author, motivational speaker and the CEO of Transform, Inc., a national business consulting firm that has been helping companies grows for over 12 years. Mary Anne brings to training, leadership development, organizational and human capital management, and one-on-one coaching sessions, a real world approach to achieving success in leadership, sales, business and life. Equipped with a broad range of expertise and skills, Mary Anne gets to the real issues, challenges people and organizations to change, and creates a nurturing environment to allow the change to occur. Ms. Wampler is a certified Enneagram Teacher and is committed to life-long learning. She is without a doubt a teacher who embodies her teachings. You can reach Mary Anne at mawampler@transforminc.com or (301)419-2835.