Ahhh...the confusion about Law of Attraction, affirmations, ask/don’t ask...these things do swirl around in our minds. Can you really get the hang of using this Law so it works for you, and release doubts and fears? Of course.

What are some of the things we need to know or remember in order to use the Law of Attraction so it works for us?

1. The primary thing to remember is your connection to Spirit, which means your connection to everyone and everything, as well. If you ever feel alone, lonely, or that you’re struggling on your own, you’ve closed out your eternal partner...Spirit. Spirit wants only the best for you because you are Spirit having an individualized experience of itself. Whether you take the spiritual or scientific viewpoint on this, there is only one energy, one consciousness, but it has many facets. The only separation between us is in our minds and our understanding.

2. If we focus our energy (match our vibrations) to a specific condition in our lives, say, one we don’t like, we feed it as though it is real and eternal rather than a finite effect/experience that resulted from a cause. We tend to tell ourselves and others stories about events in our lives until we believe them more than the truth of who we are and what we’re empowered by Spirit to accomplish. You cannot change or shift anything if you focus on what’s wrong or not working. You have to focus on the preferred outcome and you have to trust there’s a Divine plan Spirit holds for itself (and us) at work always and in all ways. We often forget to realize if we can do this for events we perceive as negative, we can also do this to feed the positives about ourselves and our experiences. We can’t control everything or how others behave, but we can control how we choose to experience our lives.

3. You can affirm out the yin/yang about what you want or need, but needy energy repels what or who you seek to have in your life. It also creates more need of what you need, because this is how the Law of Attraction works. This cycle is like the snake devouring itself or a dog chasing its tail. Nor can you pretend to be in a state of absolute faith if you’re not. What you can do is ask Spirit to show you what to do, and you will get an answer. A benefit of doing this is it shifts your energy from matching a condition to matching the expectation of Spirit to show you the way. Just doing this raises your energy and aligns you with a solution rather than a problem. Use affirmations to state the Truth about yourself and your Spirit-given power, talents, abilities, and unique personality.

4. Honor your feelings. Many cultures condition us to stuff down or deny our feelings. Well, we know this really doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean we have to express what we feel to anyone who’ll listen (whether they want to or not) or wear them on our metaphorical sleeve, but we can express what we really feel to ourselves. Whether with a pen or at a keyboard, get them all out. Don’t let them fester inside of you. When you hide your feelings from yourself, you give them more power than they are supposed to receive. Feelings provide information so we know how to look out for our best interests. Let them feed you with information, don’t feed them with your energy.

5. Ask Spirit for what you want, even if it’s the next step or which path to take. Write down your question or request; tell Spirit why you want this. Write down your concerns, doubts, and fears then tell Spirit you give all of this over to it. Ask for a clear direction or answer and put a time-limit on it. Want it within 24 hours? Ask for it. Then stay open to receiving what you need to know or do. (I recently had quite a result with this one!)

6. Do you really want what you say you want? Create a rate scale of 0 through 10. Zero represents Not Concerned with This at This Moment, and 10 represents I Intend to Make This My Reality. Pick something you believe you want and rate how much you believe you want it. Now make another scale where 0 represents I Won’t Do Anything At All About This and 10 represents I’ll Do Whatever It Takes. Rate the level of energy you’re willing to put into making this your reality. You might even do one rating for inner energy and one for outer. Do your scale numbers match? Which one is higher, which one is lower? What might you need to do to get them aligned, or did you discover maybe this is not what you want, you want something completely different? Be honest with yourself. You want an authentic life, not one tailored to anyone else’s idea of what your life should be.

7. What are your beliefs? Write down what you believe about what you want, about whether you deserve it or not, whether it can/will be yours or not. Which beliefs serve you? Which limit you? Which beliefs would you rather have, and which will cause you to match your vibrations to what you want?

If this seems like a lot of work to you, consider the phrase: When you do what you love, you never work another day. This means doing work you love never or seldom feels like work; it feels harmonious, on purpose, and energizing. If you can feel this way about yourself and your life, it won’t be work. It will be harmonious, on purpose, and energizing.

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