10 years ago, I began to realize that it was time for me to use my gifts to help others. I didn't want to do it...that wasn't the life that I choose for me!

10 years ago, I was recovering from a serious car accident and living at home with my parents. I remember my frustrations, anger and fears and sharing these emotions with my MOM as I was looking for answers that were going to get me on the path that I wanted to take... to be on TV and in the Theater. I just knew that I had to Keep going...Keep going...Keep going.

But where was I going...at that moment I had no clue and anger seemed to be my closest companion. Then one day, Mom sat with me and said: " Why don't you give it a chance...It was obvious to here that the Universe had a plan for my life and she felt that I should, at least, give the Universe a chance to show it to me.

Trust - Trust - Trust was the order of the day

I needed to Trust that my Creator was with me, guiding my path, holding my hand and whispering valuable messages in my head....

Joan Marie, just Keep going...Keep going...

OK, I finally said one day...I will give it a chance, this isn't my choice...this isn't what I was expecting to do...this wasn't something that I gave even 5 seconds thought about...but maybe, just maybe...there is a plan that I have not considered before that just might get me to where I want to go.

So, Yes, God I will give it a chance...I now choose to listen to what you have to say to me...

I willingly choose to pay attention.

I choose to design a plan that will get me moving forward.

I choose to accept my gifts and allow them to help others heal and grow.

I went on and on building a foundation, a platform from which I was going to jump start my new life, my new career. Fear was still my constant companion but with the loving support of my MOM and her continual encouragement, I started to take clients.
I spent a great deal of time in meditation to sharpen my gifts; I broadened my knowledge by taking courses and connecting with empowering people. I was seeking the help that I needed and with time, I have gained the confidence that I needed to stand in front of large groups of people to give them the hope and encouragement that I once needed to make a difference in the world.

FOCUS of intention is one of the greatest characteristics that enabled me to plan, grow and succeed.

Where do you focus your attention? Daily...Weekly...Monthly?

What is your intention today? Have you given it any thought?

What are you choosing to do this moment - to set your path in motion?

Keep going...Keep going...Keep going.

We all have serious work to do. Are you prepared? Do you care?
Are you making the right choices?

Many of you have been "trying" for years and are still waiting to "get started" when the time is right.

Stop compromising yourself!

Stop worrying about what others think about you!

Stop "Trying" and Start "Making Sound Choices."

Has the lack of Positive Results caused strains in your relationships, your career, and your physical well-being?

Don't put yourself down...instead pick yourself up and "Trust"

that there is a plan for you, too.

I know where some of you are right now.

That's why I'm writing this to you today.

I'm writing this to "YOU".


You can DO THIS.

You, too, can take charge of your life.


Here's how I've done it and you CAN TOO.

I'VE MADE A DAILY COMMITMENT TO transform my self, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have learned to like me and nurture me.

I have never lost my FOCUS and my ATTENTION is always on my end result.

I am now choosing to flow with the Universe...instead of fighting against the tide.

I choose to mix my work with laughter and fun. I am now ready to embrace myself and accept who I am.

The person I was 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, even 1 month ago isn't the person I am today.

I am constantly growing, evolving and FOCUSING on my GOALS
Do you have a GOAL?

Again, I ask you what are you CHOOSING FOR YOU TODAY?

Don't be scattered or all over the place.

Make Sound Choices.

Be willing to do something that will improve your skills

Read - Expand your mind - take a chance on you - build your self-confidence

Each and every day...do something that will move you one step closer to your goal.

Learn something new.

Do something.

Meet someone new

Take a small step.

Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.

There's a gift INSIDE OF YOU that's waiting to be released
TRUST that there is a plan and "Make Sound Choices."

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Make Sound Choices
By Joan Marie Whelan

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