No matter how much your dogs enjoy eating human food like hamburgers, pizza, or steak; it is definitely not good to feed your dogs with human food. Human food does not provide the appropriate nutrients your dog needs. If you really want to feed your dogs with tasty food similar to human food, you can prepare homemade dog food. With homemade dog food, you will feed your dogs with good tasting food and at the same time provide the nutrients they need daily. This is by far the best alternative to ready-made dog food sold in supermarkets or pet stores.

Homemade dog food has recently become a popular choice among many dog owners especially that in the United States commercial dog food were found out to have poisonous ingredients. However with homemade dog food, you are sure of what you are feeding your dog. There are many recommendations on what kind of homemade dog food you should feed your dogs. Just keep in mind that a balanced canine diet must be rich in protein, calcium, and water. It must include whole meat, fruits, grains, vegetables, and high quality dietary fats. Many dog owners have searched for ways on how to supplement their dog’s nutrition.

Although commercial dog foods are said to contain real meat and vegetables, veterinarians and dog owners are still worried of the additives on these commercial dog foods. Creating homemade dog food has become a part of many dog owners’ routine in order to supplement their pets’ nutritional needs which cannot be solely provided by branded dog food. Homemade dog food would consist of raw meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables and a variety of dog treats. While other pet owners stick to a vegetarian diet by cooking steamed vegetables and eggs everyday. Dogs are known to be carnivores but they are also omnivores.

Thousands of years ago, dogs in the wild also ate grains, berries, and grass. A vegetarian diet does not only give your dog a balanced diet but also increases their immunity to diseases and other health related problems. In preparing homemade dog food, avoid feeding your pets with chocolate, grapes, raisins, and avocado. Don’t be afraid to start feeding your dog with homemade dog food. There are many sources of dog food recipes you can get hold of. Preparing homemade food for your dogs is quite a challenge because you have to make variations. You cannot serve your dog with the same kind of dish for long periods because they might get bored of it.

Try different great tasting meals while providing your pets with the right nutrition. If you have decided to switch feeding your pets to homemade food, just do it gradually. Mix a small portion of the homemade food to your dog’s current diet, until you can withdraw the commercial food totally. Eventually, the homemade food will remove the toxins in his body caused by eating commercial dog foods. The improvement in your dog’s health will be very rewarding. Homemade dog food will give your pet a healthier skin, more energy, better immunity from diseases.

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