Have you been putting everyone else’s needs first? Does your schedule fill up fast with appointments to meet everyone’s needs except yours? Is that a warning signal I hear in the background? “Danger, Danger” If you are not on your own radar screen to energize and prop yourself up, you are on the fast track to burn out or worse breakdown. We must acknowledge the resource called “me”. That this resource while powerful becomes more effective, pleasant and on purpose when we take time for ourselves to enjoy life, learn more about ourselves and the path we are on.

Make yourself a priority now. It does not take much time and the ROI is huge. Not just for yourself, but those around you. You will reconnect with patience, kindness and joy when you do. So silence your inner critic that keeps telling you that,” you do not have time”, “people will criticize you for taking time for yourself” and the best one is “ things will not get done without you”. Shush now!…Get yourself on the schedule. Read a book in the bath uninterrupted for 40 minutes. Go for a meditative walk 30 minutes a day. Take a class in something that interests you. Go on a retreat! Speaking of retreats I will be speaking at the Time for Me Retreat in March, visit www.notimeforme.net for more information I want to see you there.

Investing in you must be a priority if you are going to get on the road to living your best life now. Do not wait until someday. We all know it may not come. We can always make more money and replace things, but time is the currency we spend each day we cannot get back. So do it now and start a new habit of investing in you. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the ones you love. They notice when your energy is low and feel guilty when they feel like they are the cause of it. Making an appointment with yourself will make all the difference in the life you live now.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle believes that shifting from a fear based to a faith based life is the key to pursuing your dreams and living your best life. Michelle used the principles she teaches to leave a six figure, secure management position in government, to pursue her new path helping people deal with their fears and move through them to live their best lives.