Thinning hair can be very frustrating. Men find it upsetting enough. But for women it's a disaster. After all, while most men would prefer a full head of hair, they CAN just shave it off. It's seen as manly, and, in fact, a bald head can indeed look very sexy - on a man.

That's not the case for women. I feel quite safe in generalizing here that most women would not feel comfortable just shaving it all off. That's a tough decision even for women who are going through chemotherapy, even though it seems the cool thing to do - to a point. But it's pretty much unacceptable for women otherwise. Remember the press Britney Spears received when she shaved it all off!

So what to do? In another article, I suggested a few tricks I have found useful myself. Since that article has proven to be my all-time most popular ezine article to date, here's now another one on the subject, with additional tips. And to get maximum value, I decided to ask my hair dresser John for advice. In addition to some of the tips I already wrote about last time (hair color and thickening shampoo in particular), he made the following suggestions:

1. Use mousse

It will make your hair appear thicker. Experiment with different brands until you find the one that works best for you.

2. Blow-dry your hair upside down

Bend over and start with drying the hair underneath first for maximum body.


Be gentle when you blow-dry. Don't overuse this technique. And don't use too much heat. Elsewhere I've read that air-drying is much easier on your hair, and will help you hang on to it longer. So you may want to consider saving the turbo blow-dry for special occasions.

3. Consider getting a perm

I asked John whether perms were safe for thinning hair, and he said, that yes, absolutely, they were perfectly safe and would really help. I was a bit concerned about the harsh chemicals, but he said that there are milder perms out there these days, and, well, there's an actual perm literally designed for the purpose of making your hair look like there's more of it than you actually have: The body perm!

My personal note on this one: Keep careful track of the effect that perms have on your hair. If you find no ill effects, enjoy. If perms seem to cause further thinning, minimize the number of perms you get or at least insist on the most natural and mildest perm you can find.

4. Get the right kind of haircut

Avoid dos that are too long, especially if your hair is straight. The weight will drag it down and make it look even less full. A chin-length bob, especially if it's layered, will allow your hair to fluff up to its full potential.

On the other hand, be sure to avoid having your hair cut too short, especially on top. It can make thinning hair look even thinner.

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