As we enter our mid-life years, the application and make up tricks for women 40 yrs plus become more necessary. We want to take years off our age as well as ensuring that our appearance portrays the smart, confident, savvy woman that we are.

Discover how to use make up tricks to make the most of your face, and also get the most out of your cosmetic bag.

• Ensure you face is prepared with cleansing and moisturizing.

• Dark circles under eyes – Mix concealer with your light foundation and gently pat then spread over the darker areas.

• Dark shadows on the inside of the nose bone – dot then smooth concealer there will take 5 years off your age.

• Eye bags – dot concealer and smooth underneath the bags to disguise the shadow. Use a lighter foundation over the puffy bags themselves.

• Double chin – dust bronzing powder under the chin with a large soft brush. This works wonders in concealing double chins and jowls that occur as we age.

• Lack of eyebrows – use a matte finish, waterproof brow or eye pencil that matches your hair colour to draw on the sparse portion of your natural brow. Never use black eyebrow pencil.

• Dull eyes – Before applying cosmetics, get out a bottle of Visine. A few drops will restore the whites of your eyes that often lose their brilliance as we age. Removing redness from the eyes instantly freshens up the whole face. Use a glossy acrylic-based mascara to add shine.
• Tired eyes – use softer shades of eye shadow in peach tones (not pink) and add blusher to move the focus away. Lightly shade the area just above the arch of your brow with a nude liner and blend, to subtly light up your face and create the illusion of higher brows and lids.
• Puffy eyes – place cold compress on eyes for a few minutes prior to adding make up. Use softer shades on eyelids with a little darker tone in the crease of the eyelid.

• Small eyes – use a lash curler after applying mascara to give the appearance of bigger eyes.

• Thin lips – Use a lip plumping primer before applying lipstick to add volume. Do not use a pencil outside the natural line of your lips as close-up it shows and is not attractive. Soft matte lip colours in pink, berry, coral or peach shades will make your lips fuller. Dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss for creating the illusion of fullness.

• Bleeding lipstick – outline lips with a lip pencil or preferably use a stiff bristled brush and blush to line the lips before applying a non waxy or semi matte lipstick.

• Colour choices - be soft and subtle in the choice of makeup and colours for the youthful look. To ensure foundation is the correct colour for your face, test on the inside of your wrist.

The above make up tricks for women 40 yrs plus will help conceal their age effectively and look young forever. Choose colours wisely, apply confidently and discreetly and you will be gorgeous.

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Danette Hibberd
Wellness Coach
Total wellness for women 40 yrs plus encompassing all anti-ageing aspects in beauty, nutrition, emotional and physical areas through inspiration, motivation and education.