People often see someone successful and they wish they could be that person. They see what the person has created and wish that they could do that. What they often fail to notice or see is all the little steps and hardships and striving that person went through to get to where they currently are. Most people live on this baby magic idea and simply hope and pray for what they want. Or they hope that a big windfall will come their way and that everything will be everything they want it to be. Not only is this a load of crap, but it sets people up for major disappointment along the journey. We must remember to make small decisions all the way along the journey.

It is important to remember to make all the little decisions on the path toward creating the life of your dreams. Each one of these little decisions dictate what the next step will be. Sometimes these decisions are in the right direction, other times they are not. However, with small decisions, it is much easier to change course when things aren't going the direction we want them to go than it is with bigger pieces. Everything is made up of smaller pieces, and learning to recognize those pieces and use them to your advantage will greatly enhance your chances of creating the life of your dreams.

Many people try to make big decisions and work from there. For example, most people look at how much money they have each month and then decide what kind of a house to buy based on that. They never take many things into account. They never realize that in ten years, what they can afford for a mortgage now will not be what they can afford at that time if they stay in the current job they have. A better way of making the decision would be to go and look at the house they want to buy, then figure out how to get the money. That way, when inflation hits, they will have the skills acquired from buying the house in the first place and getting more money to do so. Most people see things completely backwards from what is successful and what naturally works. They look at the big pieces and decisions and then hope for it instead of looking at the little pieces and decisions that lead up to that one big thing.

This is not to say that you shouldn't have a big picture view. You must know what you want or where you are going, however, be aware that it is the little decisions along the way that create that big picture. You may use the law of attraction to get what you want, but without the little steps before acquiring what it is you want, you won't stand a chance of ever getting it. You must take the time to write out what you want. You must take the time to visualize every single day about having what you want. You must make sure you open up to receive what it is you want. Then you must take the steps and actions required to get what you want. With out these little decisions to do each of these every single day, you will not get what it is you want. Simply wanting is not enough.

So begin to make little decisions ever day of your life. Small decisions that move you closer to what it is you want. Just a little decision each day makes a huge difference in a very short period of time. Waiting until a big decision is needed will only cause more trouble in the end. When big decisions are needed there is much more involved that can get in the way of acquiring what it is you want. Take the time to manage the small decisions along the path that make up the bigger decisions and pictures. Just as I type one letter at a time, you must take one step at a time toward your dreams and goals. One step at a time, just as you walk any where in the world.

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