It's that time of year again. As we raise our glasses to times gone by and tip our New Year's hats to welcome the hope of the future, many have a feeling that there's something different about 2008. It's not just another year for another resolution. They sense this coming year is one big breakthrough waiting to happen--if only we'd step up to the plate. 2008 is rolling in with a strong, creative momentum. Making your breakthrough this year can be a smooth, organic ride if you're ready, able and willing to go with the natural flow of power. Here are three key holistic strategies to help you make 2008 your breakthrough year!

Strategy #1: Start the New Year with a new philosophy, not just a resolution

New Year after New Year people set all kinds of goals and resolutions. Some launch incredible new beginnings. Others turn out to be empty promises. One of the most common reasons why you may find it difficult to keep your New Year's resolution is because you're trying to create something new while still in an old frame of mind. The old frame can't support the new structure you're trying to build. If you really want to have a major breakthrough in some area of your life, start by adopting a new philosophy before you make your resolution (especially if you've broken that same resolution in the past). Your philosophy doesn't have to be some profound statement of wisdom. It can be more like a personal "policy" or motto that keeps you in the right frame of mind. For example, if you want to get out more this year, you might adopt a philosophy to always be ready for an unexpected invitation. Or your policy might be to extend two invitations for every one you receive. The right philosophy not only helps to create a new attitude but it can really expand your horizons.

Strategy #2: Expand your resolution into a creative focus

A resolution is sometimes only a small piece of a much bigger picture that you're not fully aware of. For example, you might set a conscious goal to lose 20 pounds. Unconsciously, however, what you really want may be to "look like you should be famous." Perhaps your weight has something to do with the image you desire. But maybe your clothes, your skin, or your hair have just as much or more to do with that. When there's a gap between the resolution you make and the experience you truly desire, it can create an invisible pit of frustration and disappointment because whatever progress you make never matches the picture that you don't even know you have in your head. To expand your resolution into a creative focus, go straight to the heart of the bigger picture you want to paint. Your new focus will give you greater clarity, stamina, momentum, and fulfillment than a resolution alone. Expand your philosophy if you have to.

Strategy#3: Map your breakthrough path

Painting the canvas of your life is sometimes a spontaneous stroke of inspiration. And sometimes you have to sketch it out first. Your breakthrough path plots how best to get from here to there. It honors your strengths and weaknesses, and puts you on the highest and simplest path of least resistance. You gradually connect the dots while blazing a straight trail to where you want to go. Resolutions emphasize goals. But harnessing the power to meet those goals requires focus on the journey. For example, you can go out as often as you like. You can look as famous as you want to be on the outside. But if you can't bring yourself there emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, then you're never going to feel comfortable in that new skin. To map your breakthrough path, concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other in a way that makes you want to say YES! every step of the way, at every level of your being.

So, what's next?

* Give yourself up to ten days to complete each step (for a total of 30 days).
* For extra momentum, make it a group thing. Invite your friends and family to break through with you.
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Antonia Martinez, Ph.D., (a.k.a. Dr. M) is a destiny fulfillment and Source Work expert specializing in transformational counseling, healing and life building. She is the author of The Self-Mastery & Fulfillment Workbook and creator of the Inner Power Mapping Technique TM, a holistic problem-solving and breakthrough process for adults and youth. For more tips, tools, and clips, visit her web site web site at