Though the webmaster may have worked hard enough to put up the website, certain things may have been ignored. These things may be small but have a huge impact n the websites performance with the customers and stakeholders. Be it, a B2B or B2C website there are several things that need a look at before finalizing the website. The United States web design and the content come first in any case but the web design may not be the end. There are constant developing needs that emerge with the changing times. These needs can help the target customers to return to your site.

Index.html file- put it to use
Web servers are put up to broadcast default files if a browser requests an URL. Well, the server will perhaps send a file named index.html or default.html. It is a fine suggestion to include an index.html in every index of your website. If it is absent, what happens when the client desires a URL devoid of a filename? The server cannot hurl a file, as it does not locate index.html, so it might send an error message saying that the file cannot be found or it may send the index message, so that the visitor can observe a catalog of file names stored in that index. Ensure that the foremost page in each directory is the index.html folder, and visitors will still be able navigate through your website.

Fix the basic structure
Sketch the basic configuration of the website design and then try to bond with it. If you keep mixing up stuff around you may probably end up with the broken links inside the site. However, a high-quality authoring agenda will robotically update links when you shift or rename a folder. You may also perplex visitors who may have bookmarked a sheet formerly and currently find it missing..

Provide different ways to find things
You are already providing links to the web pages with your websites. However, there are a few other things you can do to facilitate your visitors find their way around.

- Provide a table of content or index
Consider building a link that holds all the web pages of your business. Systematize a table of contents in an alphabetical index possibly.

- Add a search engine
Users can type certain keywords in the search box provided by you and can see a list of all identical pages. Front page also helps you to create a search page rapidly.

- A site map helps
A site map may make it easy to navigate and may attract your customers to the other pages of your website as well. Some companies provide an actual image or map of the site to make it easy for the users plugged in to their website.

In the end also ensure that the page headings given by you sum up the page contents and are logically arranged for easy navigation

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Rob Bertholf, CEO of Empowered Internet Solutions and inventor of the ZeppOS Total Site Management application, is an expert on Web Design and Content Management systems. Empowered provides ZeppOS Web Hosting and Web Design in the United States focusing on Hawaii Web Design, Florida Web Design, Oregon Web Design and California Web Design, Mississippi Web Design