As you have probably already noticed I talk about maintaining your power and control in your relationships with women in all ways.
For whatever reason many men either don’t have a basic understanding of what it means to maintain your power and control or simply choose to ignore what I say and attempt to control and have power over the women that they are in relationships with.
Maintaining your power and control in a relationship is always about you and only you.
Now it should also be mentioned that the more power and control that you maintain and have over yourself in your relationships with women the more likely it is that the women you are with is going to give you power and control over her as well.
However, when the main reason for you doing anything is in an attempt to gain power and/ or control over a woman it will be much more difficult to gain and maintain than simply controlling and maintaining power over yourself.
Once you understand that when you learn how to maintain power and control over yourself your power and control grows stronger.
Yet, it takes you using your power and energy as well as losing control in order to attempt to control a woman you are in a relationship with.
In other words, your attempts at controlling her take you away from your source of power and control which in turn makes you weaker and with the wrong women powerless.
When you start maintaining control and power over yourself what you will discover is women coming into your life wanting to helping you grow in your power which is what you want in many ways.

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