When reading about advanced search engine placement and how to rank high on the Internet, the newer entrepreneur and even seasoned professionals are often intimidated by technical terminology. The truth is that knowing and understanding all the Internet rhetoric is not as necessary as you may believe.


While there's always so much talk on the web about search engine placement and key words, the real issue is not necessarily in how many hits a web site receives but in how many visitors translates into a rewarding experience. In other words, it won't matter if thousands of people visit your site if they don't become clients or customers.

As a Writing Strategist on the Internet, I work with many individuals who tell me that numerous guests visit their site, yet they only retain a very small percentage as clients. They believe that perhaps they're doing something incorrectly and struggle with key words and placement. In my professional opinion, it may have little or nothing to do with search engine placement but more with how and what you believe about your business and what is being offered.

While all the information regarding Meta tags and positioning is relevant and of course necessary to an online presence, placement alone is simply not enough. Even if one does manage to reach the top of a search engine there are no guarantees that the site will stay there and more than likely it will be replaced very shortly. Consequently, a site must contain interesting and beneficial information while the product or service must be valuable as well. In a word, it's not merely about the traffic that's drawn to a site. but whether the site appeals to the target audience once there.

Most of us on the web are not experts in the field of marketing and therefore it may seem that we are limited in our efforts to promote a business. Not true! You can be a very small independent business that simply takes advantage of excellent strategies. By exploring various methods, the puzzle starts to come together as we discover what works best for our particular industry. Basically, finding ways to market your business is an absolute must.


Rule Number 1
Nothing works quicker or better than good word of mouth advertising. If you present a product or service that fills a need and you do it with professionalism, the world will beat a path to your door regardless of your search engine placement. Recently, one of my previous clients contacted me to help with a press release for a new product he is promoting. I had successfully written a release that had gotten him on national TV a few months ago, so when he was ready with a new product, he came back to me for another press release. Eager to help him succeed, I gave it my best shot and worked hard at creating a great release. Believe it or not, the press picked up the second release and he was interviewed again on a major TV station. Needless to say, the press release helped, but his belief in his business and his certainty in it being successful was the key to his marketing success. Believe in your business and provide such a great service that your name spreads like wild fire

Rule Number 2
Personally and professionally, I am convinced that the most powerful way of attracting an audience on the Internet is by giving something to your potential market that will empower them. By empowerment, I mean finding a method that helps your audience reach higher levels of success. One perfect way to do that is to become an expert in your field of endeavor and write about it. Promoting your expertise via a popular e-zine is an amazing tool for success. If an e-zine doesn't accept your material immediately, keep trying. Nothing speaks as well as the written word and helpful information speaks volumes. Not only will it magnetize new clients without costing you a cent, but it will also demonstrate your desire to support and help others. When your potential audience recognizes your sincerity and your expertise, you quickly gain credibility. There isn't a more effective method of promotion than taking a bit of your time to put together a good article that helps others succeed.

Rule Number 3
Network with other entrepreneurs. By maintaining e-mail contact with previous clients or simply stopping by to say hello every now and then, you maintain a good networking system. If you've sold a product or done work for a particular client, it's a good idea to check on their progress occasionally. Your sincere interest in your client will keep them coming back. The best part of maintaining healthy Internet communication is that even if you only know certain people via e-mail, supportive relationships can be crucial to your success. Once building rapport, you are considered more than just another e-mail address. You're considered a valued partner, which can only help in further advancing your endeavors.

Rule Number 4
Use the press on a regular basis. Even if you are never invited for an interview by way of a newspaper, TV or a magazine, a press release gives you exposure that is incomparable to other forms of advertising. Cost wise, you won't pay less for any other type of promotion. Of course if you use a major distribution company the cost goes up. but the coverage is vast. Even if you present the press release to your local paper or cable channel, you'll be amazed at the traffic you can attract. Don't quit at one press release. The more often you share your information, the more people will be inclined to check out your site or business.

Having the world at your fingertips by way of the Internet is an ideal tool for your business, but in order to achieve the results you're after you have to keep providing the best service possible. Polish and perfect your skills as well as your customer relation skills and keep putting your message out there. Most important, never give up! It may take several attempts before you attract the right clientele, but I can assure you, it will be well worth it in the long run.

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Charlene Rashkow brings 15 years of experience as a Writing Stylist and Author to her creative efforts as a freelance business writer/consultant. She has successfully helped countless companies and individuals reach their objectives by writing outstanding website content, press releases, bios, articles of interest, business plans/proposals, resumes, and all other forms of marketing material. To speak with Charlene you may contact her at www.allyourwritingneeds.com or write her at info@allyourwritingneeds.com. You can also call her directly at (310) 514-4844