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Remember Aladdin riding his magic carpet? He also had his lamp with a Genie and could have any wish he wanted. Nice fantasy, but I have never seen a magic carpet or a Genie in a lamp. In fact, I have studied magic and have been known to perform an illusion or two. I really don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but magic, well, wait and let me ask you: You do know that there is no Easter Bunny or tooth fairy, right? Okay, great. Well, there’s really no such thing as magic. I hate to tell you, but magic is exactly that: an illusion. You are making things that are not true and cannot happen appear to happen or look as if they happened.

I also have to tell you, there are many other types of illusions out there besides magic. Yes, and just like the amazing performances of master magicians who make you absolutely believe in their illusions, the performers of these other type of illusions will make you believers, too.

You can get great abs in minutes a day in just a couple of weeks? Those masters of illusion will show you before and after pictures with amazing results, and I can really saw a beautiful woman in half. Sorry, if you want great abs, then you have to work at it, and it takes time; then you can get great abs. There is no miracle 48-hour diet. Well, there is, but it’s no miracle.

No magic carpets. No magic wands. Here’s another one: no magic pills. I see all these ads in magazines, newspapers, radio and television about diet pills. Most of them don’t work. Some will cause you not to want to eat or will speed up your metabolism to burn more calories. Why do I have to be the one to tell you? At least you already know about Santa Claus. Okay, so anyway, think about it, speed up your metabolism and not make you hungry. Hmm, do you think that’s good for you? Do you think you will feel normal, act normally or feel good? I can’t tell you enough that these things are not normal and simply are not good for you. Here’s another little problem with it. Let’s say you take these pills and you even lose weight. What next? Are you going to take these pills forever? Are you going to stop? When you stop, what will happen then? What are you going to be eating? Are you exercising? Did you know, 95 percent of all people who go on a diet and lose weight gain back the weight within one year? I am sorry no one is coming down the chimney, and the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change the way you think about food and exercise..

Weight-loss pills are not the only magic pills out there. You do know that Jack and the Giant Beanstalk was also a fairy tale and that there were no magic seeds, right? I mean, I’m driving in my car the other day, and an ad comes on the radio, saying that one in five people has a chemical in-balance. Then I come home, and I’m watching television and another commercial comes on with all these happy people flying all over the screen because of some new type of Prozac that doesn’t cause sexual side effects. Listen, there’s a legitimate reason for these medications but not to the extent to which they are used. Everyone wants instant gratification. Everyone wants to lose weight in 48 hours, get abs in minutes a day, and feel happy right away.

Here’s another master of illusion ready to set you up for disappointments: The get-rich-quick master. Yes, they will wave illusions of fortunes in front of you. You will see yourself in your dream house, in your dream car, on vacation and living the life of luxury. Years of your honest hard work can vanish into thin air in the magical hands of these masters. I once heard a story about a con man, who, while in prison, was interviewed by a reporter and asked about his ability to con people. He answered, “The only man I could never con was an honest person.” You see, an honest person doesn’t look to get rich quick and is not tempted by illusions because he or she is not ruled by greed or desire to get things easily. Hold fast to your personal laws. One should not be tempted by get-rich-quick schemes.

Watch out for illusions, and understand that there are neither magic answers nor magic wands to wave over your life. Your life is your decision, and yes, it requires that you pay attention to it. You must put work into it. You must take responsibility for your life and make good decisions. So you want great abs? Do the exercises and over time they will come. You want to lose weight? Learn tools to make the right choices and it will happen. You want to become wealthier, invest your time and money wisely.

There are things that you should believe and things you should not. When it comes to your life, the only magic you should believe in is the incredible power we all have to create the changes we want in our lives. You have to do the work of life. But I have good news for you: You can! I have even better news; it really isn’t that hard and really doesn’t take that long. Once you decide to, you can create a magical life.

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