The universe is essentially a soup of consciousness. All beings, objects, energy fields and particles are/were created by consciousness and are responsive to consciousness. Imagine that the room you are sitting in is the entire universe.

Imagine that your awareness fills the entire room. Imagine that the room/universe is filled with a very fine mist. Let's say the mist is universal consciousness. Let's say the mist is YOU. Then you decide to create galaxies and stars and planets and cats and dogs and flowers and humans and beer cans. You create all this with the energy in the mist, which is composed of your consciousness and your thoughts. There is a limitless supply of this energy because you can think limitlessly. Now you, as the mist, can perceive from the viewpoint of everything in existence, because the mist penetrates and flows through everything you have created. You can be the flower, the human, the amoeba, the planet, the atoms in everything, all at the same time, because you exist everywhere.

So everything in the universe is composed of the energy of universal consciousness.
Everything in existence has a unique point of view, because it occupies a different position in space. Also, you have built each class of thing a little differently, so that each object or body has different sensors, or ways of

perceiving the world around it (a flower perceives differently than a bottle of McEwen's Scottish Ale).

Everything in the universe interacts with everything else, then, because everything is connected. Each object or body has a different effect on the universal soup of energy, because everything is built somewhat differently.

Therefore, everything in the universe is a receiver of information, and a sender of information. Each is a point of attraction. By that I mean that each identifiable entity in existence has a unique pattern of vibration and is sending out at all times a vibrational signal, which every other particle in the universe is responding to.

In short, everything in existence is receiving from and sending to everything else in the universe.

There is one very simple, but very important and powerful law that regulates the connection between all things in the universe: 'Like Attracts Like.'

This makes sense, because if everything is connected, then matching signals must attract each other! If that weren't the case, then nothing could come together; there could be no atoms and collections of atoms to form objects and bodies and planets and mountains and ladybugs and soda bottles. Everything would hate everything else and so there would be no attraction or connection between anything! All would be lifeless and dead.

On planet earth, then, there are trillions of points of attraction. Every human, every dog, every cat, every tree, flower, plant, rock, insect, indeed, every CELL is a point of attraction. This is true because every cell is conscious. It is the consciousness of the cell which directs the dividing into itself in the process of cell replication.

Everything in existence is ultimately composed of smaller and smaller 'bits' or 'particles' of consciousness (matter and energy). Taken to its ultimate conclusion, what you have is a 'soup' of refined energy called consciousness, of which everything is composed. It all starts with thought, which is an energy packet, or quanta, and builds up from there.

(Planck's Constant is 6.626 x 10 (-34) J*s. That is supposedly the smallest agglomeration of energy that can be measured by science. Whether this represents the actual energy of a thought I have no idea. But I suspect a thought is even a smaller energy packet than that!)

So, on earth there are trillions of points of attraction. Mankind assumes that he has 'dominion' over everything else on the planet, and so he is the only point of attraction that matters. Man looks around at the world, and sees the environment degrading, pollution increasing, species dying off, etc and assumes that the place is in a mess. But that is not true at all. Man, in his disconnection from source energy, has created problems for himself and he then projects that onto every other point of attraction on the planet.

However, the trees, the plants, the animals, the rocks, the soda bottle, the cells, have one great advantage over human beings: they do not block off source energy to themselves. All of the other points of attraction on the planet are creating well- being. Only man creates disharmony. And man is hopelessly outnumbered by all of the other points of attraction, so the flow of well being to the planet is so overwhelming that mankind could only ever block off such a minuscule amount of it, that it isn't even worth mentioning.

The environment is not in danger. The earth is well, abundant, joyous, vibrant, and overflowing with well- being. The areas of destruction are merely a recycling of energy, a transformation to something different. Species which are 'disappearing' are not dying. The consciousness of that species is simply evolving into something else, just as everything in existence is evolving. Man looks at change with suspicion and fear , but that is because he is disconnected from source energy. Everything else on the planet is happy with the continual evolvement, the continual becoming of something more.

The weather systems on the planet re cycle energy --it takes moisture from one place and puts it in an other place. The pollution that is being dumped into the air and water is energy from previous millennia that is now being recycled. Certainly there are areas of bleakness and disease, but that is not because of pollution. Pollution is just the symptom, not the cause. Pollution is just the byproduct of disconnection from the source of well being. When you disconnect from well being, conditions change around you to match your point of attraction. Man has decided that his point of attraction can only come from what he is observing, so when a situation deteriorates, he continually attracts more of it by his attention to it. He forms organizations to fight it, he complains incessantly about it, his thoughts and feelings all turn toward the negative aspect of it, and so his vibrational signal to the rest of the universe is all about blocking off the flow of well-being that would naturally come to him otherwise!

Your point of attraction is the vibrational signal you send out, and if you are continually creating from what you are observing, nothing will ever change!

A simple solution is to change the thoughts and feelings about pollution (or anything negative) from one of negative point of attraction to a positive one. Then conditions will change to match the new point of attraction.

All that is necessary to change conditions is to change your thoughts and feelings about them, because the consciousness inherent in everything will respond by the law of 'like attracts like' to every thought and feeling you have.

Continual attention to a 'dying' planet only creates more of the conditions which are not wanted. Anyone who is concerned about the environment would be better off connecting up with the energy of the earth, which is an energy of utter and complete well being and health. Those who perceive otherwise are feeling their own pain. These are well -intentioned people, but they are, through their point of attraction, working to degrade conditions, not better them.

But the good news is, it doesn't matter what all the gloomy people say and do!!! Think of the hundreds of trillions of points of attraction which compose the earth.

We're already outnumbered 14 billion to 1 by the cells in our own bodies, think of all of the other life forms, and all of the cells within them. Then think of all of the grains of sand, the mountains, the oceans, the trees, well you get the idea -- there are so many attractors of well being it's uncountable.
The pitiful 6 billion or so humans on the earth are hopelessly outnumbered by all of the good guys!

So relax. Humans can't get it wrong, no matter how badly we try to screw it up. It would be like a couple of guys trying to move the Pacific Ocean over to the other side of the world with quart jugs of water.

All is well; abundance and well-being reign supreme. All you have to do is stop resisting this natural flow of wonderful energy and you can be, do and have anything you want.

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Written by Kenneth Maclean - author of The Vibrational Universe and Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self. For more articles written by Ken please visit