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If you are involved in MLM or some form of network marketing, no doubt you will quickly find out that your leads are going to be key to whether you fail or succeed. Essentially, a lead is a person that you have the opportunity to show your product or your service. Almost any ...>> MLM Leads

If you are involved in MLM or some form of network marketing, no doubt you will quickly find out that your leads are going to be key to whether you fail or succeed. Essentially, a lead is a person that you have the opportunity to show your product or your service. Almost any type of contact with a prospective customer can be considered a lead; however, it is important that you can distinguish between good and poor leads. Whether you are an old pro at MLM or someone new to the area, it is important to realize that MLM leads are going to be the most important part of your business.

Why Leads are So Important

There are a variety of reasons that leads are extremely important when you are involved in MLM. First of all, without great leads, you will never even get to present your product or service to a potential customer. Your business is basically built around selling to someone, and if you do not have leads, you will probably not be able to sell. If you do not have quality leads, you will not be able to make the sales you need or find recruits either. If you are unable to make sales or new recruits, then your business will not be profitable or successful, so as you can see, MLM leads are of the utmost importance.

Types of Leads

When it comes to MLM leads, there are a variety of different types of leads that you can choose from. They are not all created equal, and they are not all as affective either. When you are considering leads, you will want to try out several types of find out which ones work the best for you. One type of leads that many MLM marketers find effective are exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are basically leads that you buy with the promise that they have not been given to anyone else. This gives you the advantage over your competition.
Surveyed leads are also available, and they are leads that include information from surveys given to potential customers. These surveys will include the name of the lead, the contact information, and it may include when you can contact them, their income, and why they might be interested in your product or service. Many people find these types of leads to be extremely useful; however, these leads are probably not exclusive ones.

Bulk MLM leads are a type of lead that you probably will want to avoid. Usually people purchase them for large email campaigns; however, most of the time the email addresses that you get with these types of leads have been used at least once if not more. Most of the time these leads are not really targeted to what you are selling, and while they are probably the cheapest leads, they are by far the worst type of leads to use.

Characteristics of the Best MLM Leads

When you are picking out MLM leads to use, you want to be sure that they are leads that are going to prove effective. You want to avoid wasting your money on a lead that is not quality, and only purchase leads that will help you be successful. There are several characteristics to look for when you are trying to find the best leads for MLM.

1. Exclusive - When you are looking for the best MLM leads, one of the key characteristics to look for is whether or not they are exclusive leads. If you go for leads that have been used over and over again, they will probably not yield the results that you want. Many people involved in MLM feel that exclusive leads are the best.

2. New Leads - The best MLM leads should also be new leads. You do not want to purchase leads that are very old and stale. If the person has expressed their interest in the past couple days, these are great leads. On the other hand, leads where people expressed interest a couple months ago will probably not be a successful for you.

3. Quality Leads - Another characteristic to look for in great leads is quality. Even if you have thousands of leads, if they are not quality ones, they will probably not provide you with many sales or recruits. Quality leads will probably include the address, phone number, and even the email address, along with the best times to contact the person as well.

4. Good Response Rates - The best MLM leads will also be leads that will get you great response rates as well. While part of the response rate is going to be dependent upon your own skills, great leads will provide you with good response rates even if your skills have not fully developed yet.

Tips for Getting Your Own Leads

In many cases, instead of having to pay for your leads, it can be a great idea to actually find your own MLM leads instead. Getting your own leads can save you a great deal of money, and you may be able to get more targeted leads on your own as well. The following are a few tips that can help you get great leads on your own

Tip #1 - Develop a Website - The first thing you will want to do if you want to generate your own MLM leads is to develop your own website. You will want to make sure that your website is on topic with your business so that people interested in your type of product will visit your site. At your website, you can provide sign up forms that will allow you to collect names and email addresses as leads.

Tip #2 - Start Up a Newsletter - You may also want to start up your own newsletter as well if you want to get your own leads. On your website, you can let visitors know that you send out your own newsletter with helpful information, and supply a form where they can sign up to get your newsletter. This will allow you to have their email address, and in the future your newsletters can provide them with information on the products you are selling.

Tip #3 - Write Articles - Article writing is a great way to get your own leads as well. You can write articles and submit them to directories. These articles will have links to your website where people can sign up for more information. This will provide you with targeted leads because people reading your articles are more than likely going to be interested in what you have to sell.

Tip #4 - Send Postcards - Postcards are another great way that you can get your own leads. You can go through your phone book and start sending out postcards to the addresses in your area. This will introduce them to you and you may be able to later interest them in your products. Also, postcards are relatively inexpensive to send out, so you will not have to spend a great deal of money to get your leads.

Tip #5 - Offer Something Free - When you are trying to get your own leads, one of the best ways to do so is to offer them something for free. Whether it is a free ebook or a free report, you can offer it to them in exchange for their information. This will help you get more leads and you will be providing them with helpful information too. People love to get something for free, so this is an excellent way to get your own leads.

Effectively Using Your Leads

When you have a great lead, then it is time for you to make sure that you effectively use that lead. Whether you have hundreds of leads or only 50 leads, it is important that each lead is used to its’ fullest potential. In order to be successful in MLM, your leads will need to be effectively used, which means you will need to use the leads to make them desire your product, give a call to action, and be sure to follow up on your leads as well.

Desire - Making your leads desire your product is extremely important in order to effectively use each lead. You need to make them see why they need the product and show them the benefits that they will enjoy if they have the product. This will make them desire the product for their own.

Call Leads to Action - After you make them desire what you are selling, you need to call them to action. Let them know that now is the very best time to purchase your product. Use effective words to help bring them to a decision, and offering a special price for a limited time is also effective too.

Follow Up - Every single lead that you have must be followed up if you want to be successful at MLM. Statistics show that most people will not purchase a product unless they have been exposed to it at least 5-7 times. This means that you will need to keep following up on your leads to continually expose them to the product that you have.

If you are able to find great leads and then effectively use them, you will be successful at MLM. Success in MLM and network marketing is all about the leads you have and how you utilize those leads. Finding goods leads will ensure that you make good sales; however, if you have bad leads, you may find yourself without sales and without recruits. Remember, your MLM leads are of the utmost importance if you plan to succeed in any type of multi level marketing.

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