Too many people are looking for the easy solution to their MLM lead generation. The big red button which will automate everything from sourcing leads to interviewing prospects to signing them into their business.

Yes, they exist but will they build you a solid MLM business with a rock solid foundation? Probably not but people still join them for free in droves and then just expect the magic to happen.

The one thing about multi level marketing which hasn't changed over the years is the importance of building relationships with your prospects. MLM lead generation avenues have increased with the growth of the internet but with it has come some pretty unconvincing lead generation services.

Yes, the ability to automate your business is there but only on a semi basis. A fully automated MLM business is almost an impossibility. There are some aspects of this business which require your physical attention if you want to buid a steady base which will sustain it for years to come.

Hands On MLM!

So what can't be automated. Let's take a look at just two areas of the MLM business which require your attention.

1. Prospecting and MLM lead generation. Yes, you can write articles with links back to your offer, create blogs and Web 2.0 resources which will work for you even when you're not but what you don't want to be doing is letting others generate the leads for you.

This is an area of the business which has become a little ugly. Buying leads at exhorbitant prices for little reward has left a sour taste in the mouth of many distributors. You don't have control when others provide the leads for you.

2. Building relationships. This is extremely important during the MLM lead generation process. How can you possibly automate relationship building with your prospects? Maybe in the future it might be possible. That's if you can get hold of Star Trek's famous android, Commander Data. But for now, this is something you need to do.

Creating a relationship means building a trust factor with your prospect. It means training them in such a way that they look to you as their guide and mentor. This is something which won't be achieved through an automated process. You're relying on someone else to do it and it gets back to not controlling your own destiny.

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