Fear is a normal and powerful human emotion. It can be a safety gauge that keeps us from danger or it can a be a destructive feeling that keeps us from our true unfolding.

Whenever fear holds you in its powerful grips at a time you are setting your intent to move forward in your life or undertake new challenges, it is important to call its name, let it come forward and find out how its existence can better serve you.

Here is a process of questions and techniques to help you come to understand and see fear as what it truly is and how to move past it in any given situation:

1. First flush out the fear. Peel it away..what is it about?? See its detail. Let’s say you are afraid of trying out for a new job. What about trying out scares you? You realize it is fear of failure. What frightens you about failure? It comes to you that is a fear of being rejected. So, what does that mean..what do you fear in rejection? Take it as far as you can and you may come to a core fear of not being loveable.. THAT is the fear that actually holds you back..the others are simply ego constructs. But each fear you bring into the light is weakened for fear best survives and thrives when it is unnamed and growing in the darkness of your shadow self. See your fear. Your vision of it from a detached perspective of naming it will help lessen its hold on you.

2. Fears are often based on lies . Lies about you that you can change when you decide you no longer want to be attached to a lie.. Ask yourself whenever you are fearful: How does this fear keep me from being me? If you peel away the fear as in step one, you come to see a core fear that tells you the lie..So, if the fear is that you are not loveable, therein exists the lie. We are all children of God, the Divine, Universal creation..Each of us is perfectly loveable. If being unloveable were your lie , would you want to keep believing it?

3. Find the fear in your body. Does fear hold you in the gut? In your shoulders? In your headaches? Use the power of your higher mind to speak to the fear directly: “ I know this feeling in my gut is just fear. I am not fear. Fear is a feeling that can pass.” Regular energy work like polarity therapy, shiatsu massage, acupuncture or network spinal analyses/chiropractic are all extremely effective ways to help the body release fears that have not yet been named or which have taken residence in your physical system. Other Non- invasive and gentle therapies like Bach flower remedies can also be useful and supportive of these alternative techniques.

4. As yourself..what do I want to say to this fear? You may find yourself angry at the fear for holding you back..or sad that it is there. Either feeling will bring you closer to understanding the basis of the fear, the core lie, the core fear that holds you or keeps you stuck.
Imagine, at a time when the fear is not present, what it would be like to see your fear as someone else’s. Practice that technique and the next time a fear surfaces, become that detached witness to your own fear and tell it what you want to in order for it to release you.

5.The hardest question of all: what do you need to let go of to be able to let go of the fear? All fear serves a purpose. It may keep us safe or simply hold us to a comfortable pattern of being and behaving. For example, if you fear changing jobs you might be using your fear to be able to keep complaining and getting sympathy from others about the job you dislike You may be used to a way of doing things in your current job that although you dislike it, it is a known quantity and requires little new energy on your part. This is a question that require an openness on your part to the fact that ego often dominates and it is spirit that is trying to emerge. You will need to address the ego will in your own life to answer this question.

6. Set your intent to now walk into the fear. When you have named the fear, learned about its inner workings and used some of the above techniques to lessen its power, this will be much easier to accomplish. The fear may be lesser than before so you can empower yourself by taking small steps. This is not about conquering fear ..this is about living in harmony with a fear that has taught you where your soul search must begin. So if the job search you have feared seems a bit less daunting now, this is the time to take a tiny step forward. do research or talk to possible contacts. As you continue to work this process the fear is less and your power greater and your steps forward larger.

7. Affirm and attract to you what replaces fear: Love and faith. Find supportive friends, a spiritual community, reach out to others with care and love, become part of a group that gives, call a prayer line or group, make spiritual positive readings a part of your everyday life, take a class with others of like spiritual leanings ..create the supportive loving energy around you to enable all these steps to lighten your fears and live your life to its fullest.

Author's Bio: 

Lucille Ann Meltz, MSED, MA is a personal life coach from a spiritual perspective and owner of “Touch the Soul”Coaching and Arc of Light Practical Spirituality. As an experienced workshop leader and group facilitator on spiritual themes she helps others to integrate their spiritual self into everyday reality. As a trained professional in the esoteric art of hand reading she is able to assist individuals in discovering their Life Purpose and Soul’s Agenda. Her healing guided meditation CD “ A Little Light Into Your Soul” has been called “a beautiful treasure,” profoundly loving and life changing.