"Every struggle is a victory"
- Helen Keller

In life every one of us goes through situations where we have to face and conquer challenges. To a large degree our ultimate happiness and success are determined by how we deal with these challenges. In this brief article we will explore 5 key aspects for turning your Struggles into Victories. These pointer’s have been scientifically validated by Dr Paul G Stoltz in his book: "Adversity Quotient".

1. Manage your Emotions

The first step to dealing with a challenge is to manage your emotions. In challenging times we often feel a sense of overwhelm, helplessness or a wide range of other emotions. We need to manage these emotions, in order for us to be able to think clearly about the situation.

You can manage your emotions in a few ways. You could distract yourself until you regain your composure, you could change your environment, do some exercise, listen to soothing music, eat hot foods, take a nice relaxing bath or help someone else.

2. Get the Facts

What happened? What caused this situation? Which part was caused by me, and which part was caused by others? What options exist? How have other people in similar situations, solved similar problems? What could I do to improve things, even if it only makes a small difference? Information is key to making right choices.

3. Do something to Gain at least a little Control

Do something, however small to gain at least some control over the situation. You can ask yourself: What could I do to gain even a little control over this situation? What little thing could I do to influence this situation? Then do it!

4. Do something to Limit the Reach

No matter how bad a situation may appear, there is almost always a way to limit its impact. Napolean Hill said, "In every adversity lies the seed of equal, or even greater benefit." Even the worst situations, can be turned to good, all you need to do is wonder about, How can this situation be used to my advantage? How can I limit the reach of this situation? How can I limit how long this situation needs to endure?

When you have these answers take decisive action. Taking action fills you with hope and a sense that you can do something about the situation.

5. Take it One Step at a Time

The final principle of dealing with challenges is to take it one step at a time. Helen Keller who lost both her sight and her hearing while still a very young child, used this principle to great affect. She completed a university degree, learnt several languages including classical Greek, became a world famous author and was called, "The Greatest Woman of our Age", by Winston Churchill. Whilst completing her university degree and facing almost unbelievable obstacles, she would simply continue.

She would fight one battle at a time, and slowly but surely get through the challenge. Her life attests to the power of this approach. In a similar way take it one day at a time, strive to do at least one thing every day, no matter how small and you will notice your situation change.


Dr. Paul G Scholtz said, "Adversity fuels greatness." As you think about this article, you may begin to wonder how you can apply these principles to your own life. You may wonder how you can turn your own obstacles into victories. You may wonder what one little thing you can do to gain some control over your situation, and grow and develop, and do something great, something really important, because deep down inside every single one of us knows, that we are meant to fulfil a unique and wonderful Destiny.

Author's Bio: 

Destin Lucas is an internationally-recognized writer, speaker and co-founder of Dawning Truth – a breakthrough success modeling program for dramatically accelerating your personal development. If you want to achieve greatness visit www.greatnesscircle.com.