This book is on my “To Do” list, but it will be based on this Bill of Rights.

My Bill of Rights

1. I am Sacred Space and so is everyone else.

2. I deserve to be treated with respect every single second by myself and everyone else.

3. I get to be angry, but I do not get to treat myself or anyone else disrespectfully when I am angry.

4. Other people get to get angry at me, but they do not get to treat me disrespectfully. They get to raise their voices, and be full of intensity, but they do not get to threaten me physically or emotionally.

5. Shame is always destructive. Therefore, I will not shame others or allow other people to shame me.

6. I get to make mistakes. I will make mistakes. I will admit my mistakes promptly and then take action to make reparations.

7. I have the right to exclude people from my life. Anyone who treats me disrespectfully, even if they are family: children, siblings, parents, or longtime friends risks being “divorced” by me if they consistently treat me with contempt or condescension.

8. Because people are Sacred Space, I will help coach them into treating me respect=fully. But if they refuse to change their disrespectful behavior, I will do what I need to do to make myself safe. This includes moving, changing my phone number, or telling them they need to wait for me to contact them.

9. Life is short and whatever we practice we get good at. Therefore, It is not a good idea to let people practice being abusive to me. It is not a good idea for me to practice being abused. In fact, it is unkind an unloving to let anyone practice being abusive.

10. You get to prefer what you prefer and like what you like. Other people have this same right. Some people will prefer you, some won’t. The sooner we accept this basic truth, the sooner our lives will fill with joy, serenity, and gratitude.

Author's Bio: 

In a unique combination of candor, humor, and original songs, international speaker Vicki Hannah Lein, MS Counseling, shares the joy and challenge of her journey to a more authentic, fulfilling life. Legally blind and a recovering Adult Child of an Alcoholic, Vicki travels all over the world by herself, getting people on their feet, cheering, singing, laughing, and wiping away tears. She inspires her audiences to find magic, humor, and perspective in the adversities of everyday living. Her book, Woman with a Voice: Daring to Live Authentically Ever After, highlights her journey with stories, poems, and song lyrics. Her CDs are full of songs that will make you think, make you laugh, and make you cry.

“We all have genius in us, “she says. “If we learn to trust the gentle inklings and nudges that are leading us to creativity, then our homes and careers can be transformed one brave step at a time.”

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