Singles are constantly wondering where to find their soul mate. Below are some helpful hints in finding your true love.

1. Ask your friends to set you up with any of their single friends or acquaintances that meets your specifications.

Your friends are a great resource. They know you very well, and will have a good idea of the type of person that would harmonize with you. They can also help you navigate through the awkward moments that frequently accompany the early stages of dating. Married friends and platonic friends of the opposite gender will probably provide you with your best blind dates. Your single friends of the same gender may just decide to keep the “good ones” for themselves. This age old tried and true method has put together many a happy couple over the years.

2. Join a club that aligns with your favorite hobbies or sports.

Do you like to ride a bike? Or go to the hockey game? Or working out at the gym? Why not join a club that aligns with your favorite interests. At least you’ll find someone who also likes the same recreational activities as you do. That is a good start to having some common interests.

3. Join a singles club.

Many churches have singles groups where you will find someone who shares in the same belief system as you do. Most communities have singles clubs for all types of singles. Some well-know singles clubs may include: Parents without Partners, certain Toastmasters clubs cater specifically to singles, or Dining and Travel clubs for singles.

4. Take a vacation that caters to singles.

There are many travel agencies that have vacation packages designed specifically for singles. To pick your next singles vacation, take a look at

5. Post a profile on an internet dating site.

For today’s internet savvy single on the go, internet dating can be an easy way to find other singles who are also looking for that special someone. Be sure to be specific and ask for what you want in your profile. Take the extra time to have a nice photo posted. Profiles with photos are much more likely to get responses. To preview profiles, post a FREE profile, or join the most popular internet dating service, check out

6. Attend a speed dating event.

Speed dating has become a popular way to meet a lot of potential partners in one evening. There are an equal number of men and women who attend an event. By the end of the evening, each man will have had some time to talk to each woman. Usually an event coordinator will let individuals know if there was a mutual interest and supply contact information to both parties. Click on the links below to see if there are some local events in your area:

Fast Dater
8 Minute Dating

7. Learn a new sport or activity that requires a partner.

Why not take up dancing or tennis or any other activity that requires a partner. Check to see if the dance studio or tennis camp will pair you up with other singles.

8. Join a personal introduction service.

Although personal introduction services can be quite pricey (sometimes in the thousands of dollars), there are many benefits. Due to the price, there is a natural selection, and their clientele tend to me more upscale. Many services perform extensive background checks on the applicants and set certain expectations about conduct. If an individual exhibits inappropriate conduct, their membership may be revoked without a refund. For these reasons, some single feel that the fee charged is well worth it. Below are the names of some of these introduction services:

The Right One
Great Expectations

9. Volunteer for your favorite cause.

Do you want to date someone who is benevolent and cares about others? Maybe you’ll find that altruistic person by volunteering for some worthwhile cause that you are passionate about.

10. Be part of a hospitality team for your church, singles event, etc.

Why not be a greeter at your church? Or volunteer to man the check-in table for a local singles event? This could put in contact with a lot of potential partners. It will also make it easier to initiate contact, if you are in a “leadership” role and it is part of your duties to meet and /or greet people upon their arrival.

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