You are you most valuable asset and you deserve all the care, love and attention you can give. Realise that you are special. There never has been nor will there ever be another like you. You are a collectors item and should be cherished.

So often we put ourselves in 2nd place having been conditioned by social stupidity to treat ourselves as less important than others. We are not less important than others. We are not more important than others. But we are, or should be, the most important to ourselves.

If you truly love your family and your friends then show it by truly loving yourself. Because when you do not love yourself, when you are unhappy, when you feel unworthy, when you feel used and abused it affects your relationships. You may make a pretence at loving them but you are resentful and it shows.

Love yourself enough to treat yourself kindly. Be understanding of your mistakes. Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you.

Love yourself enough to accept praise. Too often when you are praised for something you try to minimise your contribution "Oh it was nothing" No it wasn’t. It was something, and you did it.

Love yourself enough to be proud of your achievements. Don’t wait for others to congratulate you. When you’ve done something well love yourself enough to acknowledge it and congratulate yourself.

Love yourself enough to forgive yourself – so you didn’t win the lotto, climb Kilamanjaro, run the Comrades, swim the channel, get in shape, but you did make it through the year. So you made some mistakes, did some things you shouldn’t have done, didn’t do some things you should have done. Just like you would forgive others, love yourself enough to forgive yourself.

Love yourself enough to look back over the year and acknowledge all your achievements. And I do mean all. Every day that you got up and went to work is an achievement. Every meal that you cooked is an achievement. Every bit of money that you earned is an achievement. Every time you loved your partner is an achievement. Love yourself enough to acknowledge that you are OK.

Love yourself enough to acknowledge that there were times that you didn’t do your best, or do the right thing.

Love yourself enough to accept that you can’t change what you did but that you can change what you do.

Love yourself enough to know that you can improve. Love yourself enough to choose to improve yourself, to become a better you.

Love yourself enough to be your best friend, to celebrate your victories and to support yourself through your losses, to be there to pick yourself up when you fall.

Love yourself enough to cherish yourself and to acknowledge that you were engineered for success, designed for accomplishment and you are endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Love yourself enough to let your light shine.

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