Wise words are not always found where you might expect them. The words come from Harrison's favorite bedtime story from when he was little. Yet although, they are humbly written in a children's book, they are worthy of being read & listened to again & again ...

Love cannot die, it is within us all - our life force. Just as Paddington & just as Pooh Bear, we are all "stuffed" with love.

So many of us believe love is a relationship & so when that relationship leaves, we are missing love.
How can that be, when it is our stuffing? But just as we belief it is missing on the outside, we feel love is missing on the inside too.

Then there are those of us who are full to the brim with love, pouring it endlessly onto others, giving & giving BUT do not value that love. For the love is "measured" against the ability of others to receive it. If another cannot receive that love, feel it or even want it- it cannot be good enough!

My mentor put it to me like this. "If you gave someone the most precious, pure diamond in the world but that someone could not receive it due to their "ego" responses - would that make the diamond less valuable, less pure?"

There is wise love, where we "know" from a place of higher consciousness that what we are saying or doing is for Highest good of another. The "other" may not always feel or see the act of love you are offering through their own illusions of hurt, rejection - but still that cannot alter love. It is for us to stand strong in the strength of that love & knowledge, trusting that your words & actions are from a great source & not to speak until you can honor your words.
Standing in wise love as the "mountain."

Then there are many of us who hide our love under anger, rejection, pain, distrust, even hatred.
This one baffled me as a child - how parents could "love" each other for years & years but the next day be screaming hatred & divorce.

"Love ,like starlight never dies." It changes form, for it is an energy, it is life. Life changes from every second of every minute of everyday - therefore so does love in ALL relationships - BUT it does not die.

We try to "exchange" the love for bitterness, anger, rejection, hurt because we belive love to be "missing" - only to find the pain is far more difficult to hold on to, for it grows as a "button" within our bodies, waiting - just waiting for someone else to press, until you are ready to heal it.

I have experienced many lessons of late. (Join the club I hear you say. *smile*)

As we transform, our awareness expands, our beliefs of old dissolve, allowing us to create new ones & receive new perceptions of life. The old "illusions" no longer dimming our view.

With so much transformation occurring as we evolve through our individual & mass consciousness, life is most certainly going to change & so therefore does love. Our beliefs of love, our perceptions, our boundaries, our judgements, our values, our openness to give & receive.
We are given opportunities to replay old scenes of love & react differently, to support & affirm our growth. We are given opportunities to show we are ready to "explore" ways in which we are love.

I got a little stuck when Nick left in March. Initially there was anger & hurt but as I held & owned that anger & pain, I felt only love. Travelling so far, nothing else could fit comfortably with me - so what was I to do with the love I had for him?

I remembered Harrison's story book, those same words I had, had engraved upon tags for Nick's birthday. I had to embrace that love & in embracing it - not denying it - setting it free to allow it to transform into new.
And most of all - being infinatley patient to allow that transformation to happen in it's own time, not "my" time.

I cannot place expectations on anothers love for me, it's value, it's "proof" - nor can I allow another to place expectations or measurements of value on my love. For then it is not free.
Expectations keep love trapped. And in doing so deny ourselves of so many gifts of love. Expectations are how we perceive love should be! Making someone right & someone wrong!

I can love him, or another, my mother, my father, my children, a friend, unconditionally & always ... from a distance, or up close, no need for touch, or need for "measurement."

For the love is there inside of me as bright as starlight, that never dies.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle is a mother of four based in West Sussex, England.
In Decemeber 2000 while severly ill in hospital she recieved an Angel visitation that not only supported her recovery through three major operations but empowered her to asssit others in following their truth back home ...

Michelle is the author of several children meditation CDs with Paradise Music & succesfully runs Sanctuary of Angels. A team of wonderful people offering Angel & self development courses for all age groups.