We may not able to choose all the events and situations that occur in our lives, but we choose how we feel, react or respond to them.

We can choose to accept. flow and benefit from them.

We can resist, reject and become bitter.

We can choose to forgive or not to forgive.

We can choose to love or we can choose not to.

We can choose freedom from self-limiting programming or we can choose the "security" that we feel in the our self-imprisoned state.

We can choose happiness and gratitude or unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

We are much freer that we imagine.

We believe we cannot feel well under certain conditions, but as long as one other soul can find happiness in similar conditions, so can we.

Our destiny is happiness, love and peace.

In order to create these we need to free ourselves from self-limiting needs, fears, beliefs, programmings and emotions and that obstruct our feelings of self-worth, security and freedom.

This is our life purpose and our test.

This book is about the process of becoming free to be happy and loving in each situation.

Imagine a life of Love

Imagine that you live a life of love. You have a love and care for your spouse and he or she loves and supports you. Your children love and admire you and you love them and are proud of them. Your siblings respect and love you and you love and care for them. Your parents love you and are proud of you. You love and care for them.

You have relationships of cooperation and mutual respect with all in your work environment. You have loving friends who share your happy and difficult moments and are always there for you - as you are for them. You have a pet that you love and who offers you and your family unlimited affection and enjoyment.

You have loving relationship with God and feel grateful for all that you have been blessed with. You spend time each week with all of your family offering social service to those in need. You have created relationships with those people less fortunate than you and enjoy being able to comfort them physically and emotionally.

When you think of your spouse, children, parents, and friends, you smile with joy. The mere thought or their presence in your life makes you feel happy. You love them and feel their love. You have open and honesty communication with each other. No one plays roles or games to get what he or she wants. Each feels secure enough with the others to express his or her real needs and beliefs.

When you have differences, you loving agree not agree. Although there is abundant unity and closeness, each is also independent and able to think for him or herself and express his or her own unique point of view. You enjoy and benefit from each member's uniqueness and eccentricities. You laugh with and about each other and even about yourselves, because you are secure in your love for each other. And when there are differences in needs, you work them out with effective communication, seeking to find a solution that satisfies each as much as possible.

You feel safe and secure. You know that life may occasionally throw you a difficult situation, but you know that because you are united and mutually supportive, that as a family you will overcome all obstacles.

You perceive each other as free souls in the process of evolution and know that you have made the "soul choice" to be a family unit in order to learn to love more purely and discover your unique selves and manifest your divine beauty. You support each other without suppressing each other or making each other dependent.

You play, laugh, create and enjoy each other. You spend time together whenever you can, but also each has his or her own creative life and is whole within him or her self.

You pray together and openly enjoy your spirituality, even though each has a different perception of what God is. You go beyond religion to spirituality. Each is allowed to believe that which he or she is guided to from within.

You enjoy each others successes and there is no need for competition, because the others' success is yours.

As a family you welcome others into your love. You perceive others as brothers and sisters sharing the Earth and the evolutionary process. You are open to all regardless of religion, race, nationality or belief systems.

You do not miss each other when apart, because you are connected on another level that does not require continuous physical presence. Even death cannot separate you, because love is a spiritual connection that continues to exist even when the body no longer limits the soul.

You are living in love - as is our destiny.

If you are not living this reality, then you are like 99.9 % of the planet. This is natural at our present state of evolution. It is equally natural, however. to move forward and remove all obstacles towards creating that reality.

That is our destiny - to love and be loved unconditionally. To manifest the perfect spiritual love that already exists in the roots of our being here in our mental and emotional being. Our only obstacles are ignorance and fear. This book is about that process.

(From the forthcoming book LOVE IS A CHOICE, by Robert Elias Najemy)

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