We live in a disposable society.

We buy things, use them and then throw them away.

Our landfills continue to grow, despite no one wanting garbage in their own backyard.

Meanwhile, debt is also growing. People continue to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need.

People need to come back to reality. They need to focus on growth in their bank accounts, not on growth in the landfills and growth in their debt.

So what’s the solution?

How can people grow their savings, while shrinking their garbage and depleting their debt?

Love is the answer.

We need to learn to appreciate what we already have. We need to love what we have.

If you love what you have, you don’t feel the need for more. If you love what you have, you can easily say no when you’re bombarded with 3000 marketing messages to buy each day (as estimated by Doug Hall at www.doughall.com). If you love what you have, you’re not going to throw something out once it gets a little used.

People who love what they have are happy. They see the beauty in what they’ve got. When they buy new stuff, they are very selective – because it has to be something they can love. People who love what they have perform proper maintenance, and ensure they get the most out of their purchases.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the money you spend this year, spend some time admiring what you already have. Love your possessions. Maintain them so they last longer.

Disposable items are always more costly in the long run. Loving what you have costs nothing, but can save you lots of money. It can also save you time. You won’t need to run out and get something new just because you have money in your pocket. Why would you want something new? Save time and money by loving what you already own!

Is it any wonder that the average ‘millionaire next door’ has a car that’s eight years old? People that are rich love what they have. They know the value of quality, and they know the value of getting the most out of their purchases.

Do you spend time dreaming of a new car, or loving the car you’ve got? Do you spend time dreaming of new furniture, a new house or new clothes? Or do you spend some quality time loving the furniture, house and clothes you’ve already been blessed with?

What’s going to save you money and make you happier? Loving what you have, or dreaming of what you don’t have?

Save your money, your time and your environment this year: love what you have.

Author's Bio: 

James Allan is an inspiring writer whose first book Street Hockey Millionaire has led thousands down the road to financial bliss. Read more about the author at www.streethockeymillionaire.com.