Love Mercy

Focus Columnist

On taking office, former President Carter used the words from Micah in his acceptance speech: "What doth the Lord require of me but to do justly and to love mercy and kindness, and to walk humbly with my God?"

Let us hope that man will henceforth truly live with these thoughts in his heart and soul.

All men are created equal. It is for each person his responsibility what he makes of himself. Remember I have told you before that to evolve to a higher state, a man must learn how to hold his head high and thank The Creator for every instance of his success. For the Creator is alive, and lives close to us. We must always control our anger, hold it in check; we must reject envy of others. Here the anointed ones begin to understand that to hold their heads high, they must remember to be humble. Since we all originated from the same source, the same principles should guide our lives. It is the manner in which we accept our fate, our destiny, that distinguishes us one from another.

Are we remiss in our obligations to one another? If this is true, are we truly close to one another? Do we ever think of a soul other than ourselves? Are we selfish, lacking understanding of others? In time, therefore, we must be reborn to unlearn this selfishness, for the mercy of the Creator rests within our hands. He absolves us only when we understand that mercy is the most important aspect of our behavior. To have mercy for others and deplore injustice means we have found our way safely back home to the Creator.

Again, "What doth the Lord expect of us but to be humble, love mercy and have mercy, love justice for all, and walk humbly in the pathway of the Lord?"

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