Adopt Now On Your Own………Anything but Conventional. How can you minimize the long days and never-ending months waiting to have a child when adopting through agencies and attorneys? It’s simple; just get rid of them. Something new and unconventional is now available to anyone who is interested in achieving success quickly while saving $1,000’s in the process. I was just like everyone else, lost and helpless after being probed and studied with several Fertility Specialists, resulting in less than zero after a few years. Arriving at my next stop of frustration with several attorneys and agencies, I was tired of being controlled and restricted, much of the same as other want-to-be-parents I had met along the way. Being an impatient tenacious individual, it was time to do it myself. My success was accomplished after a 4 month period, a 5 lb. 4oz baby boy! Now you can have the same opportunity, offers the unconventional process in a self-help program. This simple, basic instruction will reduce costs and limit the endless waiting of years into months.

The unique benefit of is being assisted with a Parent Support System. You have email access with a professional whom you may contact for those difficult crossroads which you may encounter. You are the decision-maker for every step of this process in-turn your selections will offer large cost reduction strategies while increasing your opportunity. At, we have achieved success due to one belief……

Attorney and Agencies don’t have Babies….Mothers do!

John Maltese

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