Success is one of those words that we all understand, or at first glance, we think we do. We hear that someone is a big success, and we nod in agreement and apparent understanding. But what is success? Webster defines success as reaching a conclusion, usually a fortunate one. OK, what is fortunate? Most of us correlate success with money. If someone has a lot of money we tend to think of them as successful. But if you’ve been around a few years you know that money doesn’t buy happiness. Money can make one’s life easier and that can eliminate many obstacles to happiness, but money itself brings little or no inherent joy. And joy is the trademark of success.

I propose that success is achieving, in this lifetime, what your soul intends. Therefore, success is very personal and completely individual. Furthermore, success does not come as a result of money, but money may come as a result of success. Success is a feeling. Success is a state of being in which we feel a sense of joy, fulfillment, and achievement.

Forget what the media proclaims. Ignore what friends and family consider a success. Focus instead on what success means to you. Are you successful right now? If you feel good about the person you are being, then you are successful. If you feel joy when you are being who you are, if you feel fulfillment when you are doing what you do, this is your soul shouting encouragement at being the real you. This is success.

So, how do you become a success? It begins with knowing the answers to two questions. Who am I? Why am I here? The who am I question isn’t a question of who I am now, but who can I become as my highest self. This is the realm of my soul. My soul intends for me to reach a new level of understanding in this lifetime; a new and improved version of me.

The why am I here question is related but different. This question addresses my purpose in life. At the highest level the answer to this question is that I am simply here to evolve as a human being. But at a lower level I seek answers that are more specific. As I understand who I am as my highest self, I can then explore the many purposes, achievements, and activities that reflect and emerge from who I am. These provide a more detailed view of why I am here.

The answers to both questions will come through meditation and introspection. The answers are inside you; your soul knows, and will tell you when you are quiet and open so that you can hear. For more information, and my book “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?” visit

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