When a person looks at something a thousand times -- OK, maybe not 1000 times a day but at least several times an hour all day -- don't you think it would be implanted in his or her brain? Don't you think he/she would always have that as a reference? And I mean ALWAYS.

What if you wanted to be a healthy and you weren't? What do you think my first words of advice would be to you today?

Look at your health picture on the screen of your mind. It's a picture of you feeling great. A healthy person. Look at it "1000" times each day. What does that picture you are going to see a thousand times a day look like? Whatever it is, and the more often you can see it, is what you will see weeks and months down the road in actuality.

You may feel a conflict, like some words in your head saying, but I'm *not* well. Get rid of those words immediately. Cancel, cancel. If you want to be healthy, then you *must* see yourself healthy. Cancel old thought patterns out until you are free to do this. You have to *see* it in order to *believe* it. If you want to learn more about the Cancel, Cancel technique, go to this web page: http://www.tameyourbrain.com/decisionsdeterminedestiny.htm

Make sure the picture of you is you standing tall. Looking good. Looking strong. No symptoms of illness anywhere.

Now, here it is, this time the correct picture (the same picture, but different descriptions): You are standing straight and tall. Beautiful smile. Clean, healthy body. Breathing perfectly. Feeling free.

Look at that picture "1000" times a day, and what do you think you will actually look like down the road a few weeks? Great!

What is your brain going to attract now? It's going to attract everything in that picture. See it "1000" times a day. Start living your dream.

Thank you for reading.


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