I would like to start with the understanding that all things are within me and I am becoming aware on a daily basis that this is so.

I am becoming aware of spirit round me, and the intelligence that this spiritual energy displays. For example, my eyes keep being drawn towards digital clocks to check the time. The numbers on the clock usually form an interesting pattern, like I had a 13:13, 18:18 and a 22:22. I have also found that spirit can multiply for example I've had 06:18 and divide 04:21 where 2 was half four and 1 was half 2. You may think that this is a coincidence, but it is happening many times a day.

In the car I have two digital clocks with slightly different times, one on the dashboard and the other on the radio, and my attention is drawn to the one with an interesting number for me to look at.

Driving along the road yesterday, I left the house and after I had gone about a mile I got inspired to set the trip mile counter, only thinking myself that I would like to check the mileage to where I was going about 20 miles away. Well just after I got half way there, you can imagine my surprise when I looked at the dashboard and saw the clock at 11.11 and the trip counter at 11.1 miles. I could only admire spirit for organising this event to happen.

How does spirit do this?

I have been wondering this myself for the last few days. Quite often spirit wakes me up in the night to look at the clock. An interesting pattern may appear. For example 5:05 or 6:26 where the two end figures are the same with a different centre figure.

The implications of this are quite interesting. It means that spirits have eyes to see and the intelligence to understand the meaning of the number and which clock has the right numbers. The question is, is it a spirit guide that looks like me with a full body? Which may coexist in the same space and time as me; or is it the impulses of energy themselves that are intelligent? Like the individual photons of light? This I still have to figure out. I feel both present. I feel the spirit guides coexisting with me and in me. I feel the individual grains of energy on many different levels of my body and consciousness. I feel the consciousness of each cell, each molecule, each atom and each photon of light. I feel the field of energy like an electro magnetic field or aura at each level of my existence. I can move my awareness to each level; I can come out of myself into the field and look back and change my perspective.

What is spirit trying to tell me?

I am a firm believer that these energy fields connect everything in the universe, that the universal energy is involved on every level and in every decision. I am a firm believer that the mind does have free will. The field of energy puts forward a suggestion for an idea, maybe on one level of the mind, body or emotions. But it is the human brain that connects all these levels together and has the knowledge and experience to balance all the levels and make an intelligent decision, or not, depending on what that person decided he wants to create at that moment in time.

When the decision is made the whole of the universal energy rebalances itself and sets the conditions to fulfil that decision.

But it is this understanding that each impulse of energy is intelligent and seems to have eyes to see and a brain to understand that I am finding so fascinating. We all talk about angels, guardian angels and helpers.

Are these impulses of energy the angels?

Size has nothing to do with it. It is difficult to see the difference between the structures of one atom and that of our solar system. The atom has a positive electrical charge in the centre and negative electrons circling around. We have the sun, which you could say is positively charged as it always radiates energy and the planets are negatively charged as they receive the energy from the sun. One could be the same as the other just at a different scale.

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I have been practicing and teach Yoga and Meditation for over 30 years. I give spiritual healing and lecture and do workshops all over the world.