Eckhart Tolle’s newest book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s True Purpose, is gaining national attention because people like you are ready for a change. Ready to dissolve your belief in the ego, and break free from lack and limitation.

The central premise, which is completely in alignment with the teachings of The Sedona Method, is that you can recognize your “ego,” is not your true self and your belief that it is who you are only causes suffering. It’s necessary to bring your ego and all of its limited beliefs into your awareness, so that you can dissolve this illusion. This makes living in the now. much more natural and spontaneous. Many of us have spent a lot of time living in the past or worrying about the future. Dissolving our identification with ego helps us discover that what we are is already here now, with all its joy and power.

“The Now is all there is,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training at Sedona Training Associates. “In this moment if you look into your direct experience you will discover there may be thoughts about the past or the future. However, if you look at what is actually here you will discover that even these thoughts only happen now. In fact, all life -- all action -- only happens now."

“If you are not sure,” he continues, “try to do something yesterday or tomorrow right now. Try to actually live in the past or the future. You’ll discover it’s not possible and only cuts you off from experiencing what is here now. So, relax. What you are is already here now resting and flowing as life itself.”

Living in the Now Sets You Free

Imagine not having to fret over tomorrow’s deadline or yesterday’s mistakes. Think for a second just how much time you waste worrying about things you can’t change in this moment. These thoughts are dragging you down; they appear to be keeping you from inner peace.

“We live in a society where almost all thought is about changing the past or controlling the future,” Dwoskin says.

But why spend all of this emotional energy on timeframes that you can’t change? The only time you can do anything about anything is NOW. This doesn’t mean you should never plan for the future, or think about a past memory. What it means is that it’s better to devote more of your energy -- and most of your attention -- to what’s happening right now.

This Moment is All You Have

Many of us have a tendency to rush through our days while we “wait” to have good times on the weekends or at holiday breaks. Yet, when the weekend finally comes, we often spend it worrying about work on Monday or feeling stressed about getting our errands done. So, when you are caught up in living for any other time than right now, you end up NOT TRULY LIVING at all. You spend all your time waiting, and wishing, while your life appears to be passing you by, one ticking second at a time.

Poet Gwendolyn Brooks had a great understanding of this concept, as her work expresses:

Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies.
And be it gash or gold it will not come
Again in this identical disguise.

This is really what living in the now is all about. Appreciating every moment, and LIVING every moment, whatever label we may attribute to it, good or bad.

How to Live in the Now

If you have read A New Earth and are eager to apply its concepts, or if you simply want to experience the joy of living in the now, The Sedona Method is the tool to make this happen in your life.

“The Sedona Method is a tool you can use now to let go of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and identities that cause you to look away from what is here now to find what you are, and to have, be and do what you desire,” Dwoskin says.

Every time you use The Sedona Method you lessen the power of what Tolle calls “ego” and the “pain body,” which The Method simply refers to as the thoughts, sensations and emotions generated by subconscious programming.

“As you learn to simply let go, you find yourself more aware of the presence that is always here now,” Dwoskin says. “Your senses become more acute and you can look into and trust your own intuitive knowingness for your source of wisdom instead of the thoughts in your mind which are always based on what was and what might be. You also find that you respond more appropriately and live life more fully, joyously and openly.”

Allow yourself to stop living your life based on what was or what might be, and begin to embrace this moment, the one that is living through you right now.

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