You have a unique purpose. You’re here for a very significant reason. When you know your purpose and live according to it, you’ll experience the passion of living your purpose, and you’ll have the greatest opportunity to have an impact on all humankind.

When it comes to discovering your life purpose, spend some time answering the following for yourself. Get a pen and some paper and write down your answers as best as you can, spontaneously, right now and then go back to them often over the next couple weeks.

• What really turns me on?

• What’s my unique gift or talent?

• What do I do, or have wanted to do, that would make a huge difference in the world today?

• What is it I do that gives my life the most meaning?

• What do I most look forward to doing? What makes those activities so enjoyable?

• Where am I the happiest? What about that place makes me so happy?

• ...And with whom?

• If I had $1,000,000,000 (Yes, that is one billion dollars!!) to spend on one cause, what would I spend it on? What about that cause is worth investing in?

• If I were to describe my ideal or perfect day, what would it look like, sound like and be like?

Go back and look at what you’ve written here and also defined in your vision work, your values clarification, and your legacy. What are the common threads which keep showing up?

Now Hear This: This is the fire in your belly which will wake you up in the middle of the night!

Work with this process until you come up with the completed statement, “The purpose of my life is____________________.” Keep working with it until it resonates as a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 having the highest level of resonance.

When you uncover and discover the answers to these questions regarding vision, values, legacy and purpose, you’ll then found your True North.

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