As the pundits and media make daily dire predictions about the economy, the environment, gas prices – a real “The sky is falling” mentality - take a moment and re-group. Yes, these are economic dark days, but you do not have to be paralyzed by the ‘”what ifs” and other fears…Use these tips to create balance and reignite good intentions and prosperity in your life today…

1. Go outside. The leaves are turning and a new season is upon us. Sometimes in Autumn we drift back into old patterns, we may unconsciously horde things as to be ready for the winter or fall into “not enough” behaviors and thinking…This is a normal transition from the summer - a season of plenty - to fall, a seemingly odd mix of both abundant harvest and death. Instead of focusing on what is lost, shift your perspective. When I see the leaves falling – I imagine gold and ‘good things’ falling into my life and all those around me. I notice the plants that suffered in the hot, hot summer, now bloom with radiate color. I become a witness on my daily walks of this changing season as it gently quiets with colder days and early frost. I remind myself of the magic in the long, dark nights ahead and think of myself in a cozy cocoon. This quiet slumber only lasts a few months, warmer days will come again.
2. Bring the outside in – bulbs and potted plants. You know those beautiful pots of flowers/plants on your deck/porch/patio from the summer – bring them inside before the frost comes and brighten up the inside of your home.* Suddenly your living spaces will feel invigorated with healing energy and thriving growth. You may even get a new idea or two…

Flower bulbs are another one of my favorites for both outside and inside the home. I adore planting daffodils (naturalizing flower – multiplying flowers every year) in my perennial garden for Spring flowers and inside – paper whites and amaryllis. In mid-October, I begin planting a new pot of bulbs every few weeks - hence I have flowers blooming all winter. This constant blooming of fresh energy and color is a great comfort during the winter, reminding me of the quivering springtime just beyond the bend…

*(Note to self - Before bringing the plants in the house, you may want to spray or let the pots sit in your garage for a few days to be rid of spiders, ants and other insects that my have found a summer home in your pots.)

3. Pick a hobby – a friend in college and I would get together to “stitch ‘n’ bitch” or for the layman – cross-stitch sewing. I paint today and I used to quilt. The reason a hobby works so well at reducing stress is you can slip into a kind of “limbo-time.” Your thoughts drift away as you focus on counting or color or measuring…In this suspended time, you become your best self. Your ego falls away and you create from within. You are in the flow. By activating and stimulating creativity you not only positively affect your prosperity and well-being, but you also enhances your sex life. Need I say more?

4. Smells like comfort – cooking. I know everyone tells you to save money and eat in, which is true, but you also gain more quality time with your family or roommate and eat healthier. Find a cook book of 30-minute recipes or discover the mother of all inventions – crock pot! The trick in cooking is following the recipes in the beginning and timing. You will be shocked to discover how easy and fun it can be. If you still are strapped for time during the week – make a big pot of chili or roast on the weekend and freeze single servings for later in the week.
5. Volunteer. Whether at your children’s school, homeless shelter or library it always feels good to give back. By defining yourself as someone who gives through your deeds and words you activate the highest good within yourself. When you connect to your highest self, you radiate positive energy. Maybe you have even noticed in the past while you volunteer, children and older folks are more drawn to you? Your positive energy attracts more into your life and creates new opportunities.
6. Laughter. Watch funny movies, connect with friends or read any David Sedaris book and laugh out loud. Why? It feels good and lightens your mood. Life can be a real pisser sometimes, but I swear, a little humor goes a long way.
7. Manifesting and meditating. By taking just a few moments every day to center yourself with three cleansing breaths and imagining in your mind’s eye “that which you desire” – well, these are the first steps to manifesting the life you long for. Start today, and begin seeing yourself attaining that which you desire…How does it feel? How does this affect your life for the better? Feel “that which you desire” is already in your life today. Through this process, you begins to integrate your outside desire into your real life slowly, almost effortlessly at times. Try it for a week, just a few minutes before you fall asleep and witness the abundant surprises coming your way…

Much of living an abundant life is about shifting your perception to one of expansion and plenty. It is not about focusing on what you don’t like in your life, but what you do like - thereby expanding your possibilities. Whatever you focus your attention on expands, thus by changing your focus, you change your life.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Ballard is an Intuitive Life Coach. Through
workshops, private sessions, mentoring programs and meditations, Kelly is your guide to personal transformation, helping you to release blocks and experience your most abundant and prosperous life today. To learn more about her services and CDs, please visit her web site.