With 9 months to spend in close quarters, you and your baby will have a strong bond to last a lifetime. Sometime, your husband may feel left out of this process. However, there is a way for you both to listen to your baby as he or she grows and develops into a person. Ebaymaternity.co.uk has a large range of foetal heart monitors and listening devise so that you can hear your baby's heart beat at any time of the day or night. These monitors are great for taking with you as they are light and fully portable.

By listening to your baby you and your husband can enjoy spending time together, learning about your future son or daughter. It can be the perfect way for all three of you to bond in an exciting way.

Other products that ebaymaternity.co.uk sells to make your pregnancy even more memorable a special are foetal heart dopplers to monitor your baby's heart beat. This will allow you to see if your baby is getting distressed for any reason and to give you peace of mind. Some of them come with digital display screens and transmission gels. It has been tested by various groups of scientists and paediatricians about the sounds that a baby can hear in the womb.

While you are listening to your baby, there is knowledge that he or she can hear you too. In fact a baby can hear everything much louder in the womb, so even if you play music or read to them, they can hear you. It is shown that Mozart played for a baby in the womb can actually make your baby smarter. According to studies, the rhythm and tempo in Mozart's music causes the baby's brain cells to react in the positive way - all the more reason to talk and play music for your baby.

When you are listening to a baby, remember that their heart beat will be much faster than your own. The heart monitors and dopplers from ebaymaternity.co.uk will come with a guide telling you exactly what to look out for. These monitors are wonderful for any mom to be and you will spend hours just listening to your baby, even when you are sleeping. It is a magical experience to listen to your baby, and what better place to find the perfect heart listening device than at ebaymaternity.co.uk.

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