We all have a creative spirit whether it manifests itself in a talent for home improvement, sewing, craft projects or perhaps computer programming and writing music. Too often we suppress this side as a part of ourselves we will indulge when there is more time. There won’t ever be more time and we need to develop and nurture our creative spirit at all times. This will help us to be better balanced and rounded individuals and allows us to share gifts with others on another level.

Here are some opportunities to celebrate your creative spirit!

Craft Corner
Establish a craft corner or room in your home. This can be as simple as converting the spare (guest) room closet into a place for projects that might include sewing, hot gluing, collage making, scrap booking and more. It could be as significant as devoting an entire room to these pursuits or creating an exterior work room/tool bench for the pursuit of significant home improvement projects.

You are more likely to cultivate your creative spirit when you have dedicated space to it and organized the tools and materials in an accessible and fun manner. Baskets and boxes of assorted craft materials with a table surface to work at is often all that is needed. You may even be able to create a make shift space in a laundry closet by designing a drop down cover to place over the washer and dryer and using shelving above to store art supplies.

The key is to unleash your creative spirit in a way that works for you. This can also turn into a place for children to work on their school projects.

Scrapbooking is now an actual art form. Gone are the days when it merely meant sliding photos between sticky pages and leaving it at that. Today it is about incorporating all manner of mementos with photos and including clever captions, family sayings, and priceless quotes. The challenge is still of course when will anyone slow down long enough to truly enjoy such artistry. I encourage clients to create wall collages instead that can be displayed on stairwells and enjoyed by all in the family every day.

Scrap pillows is also a unique idea that would make a great gift for family. It entails creating a memory pillow with a silk screen of photos stitched to the pillow and other mementos adhered for collage effect. This is often most effective in a country or Victorian decorating scheme.

Greeting Card Originals
I have a faux finisher and artist friend that makes his own holiday cards. Each is a work of art and I have to confess I never opened my birthday card as he had caricatured on the envelope and I don’t want to destroy it! You don’t have to be an artist and it may be easier to do this for the occasional birthday than to tackle a major holiday with a host of cards all due. You can use computer imagery, color copies, original photos, and collage items (coins, fabric scraps, charms, trinkets) you can make this a personal statement and it can even become the gift.

I remember growing up that whenever we asked my Mom what she wanted the answer was always the same, a letter from each of us. Yikes, I couldn’t buy that and it sounded too easy, for years I ignored the request and loaded her birthdays and holidays with scarves and picture frames and other goodies. The year I finally listened, she burst into tears she was so pleased.

Handmade is so rare these days, it means that much more. Tap your creative spirit so share an original greeting with a friend or family member.

Recipe Swap
Yes, I can cook and very well when I want to but I hate to follow recipes and tend to keep my favorites in my head, under six ingredients with limitless variety of add-ins to make it special (or as some friends say “weird!”) Other friends are awesome in the kitchen turning out dishes that my caterer asks for the recipes! Let’s level the field a bit and do a recipe swap.

Now the fun in this is that you get to sample all the goodies you are getting recipes for. Often this is done at holidays with a cookie swap but since I am never big on following rules, do this a couple of times a year and make one appetizers and another salads or casseroles. It is not limited to the ladies by any means, many men are better cooks and really enjoy it. Do a kebob recipe swap, a novel idea and it will get everybody grilling. Or plan a beverage recipe swap just in time for the heat of summer so you get some fresh punch and summer cooler ideas.

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