Life is a marathon.
I heard various versions of what life is. Life is a gift- enjoy it. Life isn’t a dance on roses- don't get your hopes too high. Life is a battle- fight for it. Life is a box of chocolate- you might be surprised sometimes, be happy anyway. Life is a bitch- hardships await you. Some even say life sucks- so what, shit happens. Life is beautiful- fateful and tragic last words. I think they are all missing the point. Life is just life. You might say.

Life is an endless marathon. That is my life philosophy. It didn't come free. So, if it is true, then what?

What are most important success principles in a marathon? What are the best qualities one can hope to own to succeed in a marathon?

Needless to say, you need to have enough energy and resource to succeed. You need to be tenacious. You need to have a strong mind. You need to use your strength wisely and skilfully. You need to have faith. Use the wind to lighten your journey. Take a rest to refill your inventory from time to time.

You should never lose your trust in yourself under any circumstances and never let the final goal slip out of your mind.

You must not be ruthless to your fellow runners. Kindness and helpfulness can go a long way. Be grateful for any help you receive on the way.

You also need to remember, any short term success surely add to the final success. However, any small set back is just a temporary set back. The final score is not yet decided. Armed with this knowledge you will not be devastated when you find yourself in a temporary slump. The final score is what it counts.

You might be surprised in the end of the march. It is not the strongest that wins. This is because it is a repeated marathon, quite unlike the sport.

The author is a PhD in economics who is also passionate about self growth issues.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a PhD in economics who is also passionate about self growth issues. She got her doctor's degree in 2004 in the University of Goteborg, Sweden. Her endeavour is to find the next success formula in human development. She welcomes all comments and can't wait to have an enthusiastic chat with you.