I’m mad...mad as hell, in fact! This is time for my monthly rant. I’ve seen and heard just a bit too much. Now you get hear about it.

Do you know that our society is promoting a slew of addictive behaviors? Let me name a few for you: Over-eating, gambling, video games and internet games, over-spending, codependency, sex, worhaholisim...shall I go on?

All of the above listed are not only promoted, but socially acceptable to the point where we don’t even acknowledge (until I come along) their severe consequences. And you thought addiction was just drugs and alcohol...don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Here’s the deal: Addictive behavior can best be described as behavior that is engaged in for the distinct purpose of creating an altered state and is repeated despite negative consequences caused by engaging in the behavior. In other words, when the compulsive over-eater finds out that they have diabetes due primarily to their diet and continue to eat that same way, or more so, that is addictive behavior at it’s “finest”.

Have you noticed how many fast-food places there are? Have you noticed how much advertising those fast-food restaurants do? Have you noticed that much of their advertising target children? That’s right, hypnotize them when their young and they’ll be a customer for life!

Ever stop to consider how much money is spent on gambling every day? Probably enough to feed every child IN THE WORLD that went without breakfast today.

And have you happened to notice that we seem to have a little problem with our relationships? Divorce continues to hover at about 50% and domestic violence is on the rise. Would you be open to the idea that because of our codependegenic (i.e.
where codependency is bred) society we are actually breeding these behaviors? Who started the rumor that we “have to have” someone else to be whole or complete?

Enough about the problem, let’s look at the solution. Perhaps if we all allowed ourselves to become more educated so that we might be able to mentor those younger than us.

Perhaps if we put some pressure on the right people in the right places of power and decision-making to change our ever-so archaic education system, maybe we could even include relationship as part of the normal curriculum in all of school systems.

Reading, writing and arithmetic will get you into college and maybe good scores on SAT’s, but I don’t believe any of those three will save any relationships.

However, the 4th “R” of relationships in education could have a huge impact. In fact, if we did thorough relationship education not only would we undoubtedly impact the divorce rate and the frequency of domestic violence, we would most likely have a positive impact on addictive behavior.

After all, addiction starts when someone doesn’t want to deal with some part (usually their emotions) of themselves.

So what do YOU think now that you’ve heard my opinion?

Thanks for allowing me to vent and share my feelings? Oh, by the way, do you see yourself or a loved one engaging in any of the above mentioned addictive behaviors? Yes? Maybe it’s time for a little talk...

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