The great news about life is that it doesn’t happen all at once; it happens in small steps. And here is more great news -- you don’t have to know all the steps to get started. All you have to do is focus on what is in front of you and take the next step. As you continue on your journey, the steps will be revealed. All you have to do is keep taking the steps.

In the hit movie “The Secret” Jack Canfield explains that you can make a cross-country trip in the dark with your headlights revealing only a few hundred feet in front of you at any given time. You don’t need to see the stretch of road laid out in front of you; all you have to see is where you will be going next. Many people get hung up on the “how” and want all the details before they dare to venture off. Knowing exactly how something will work is impossible until you do it. The “how” is none of your business. Your job is to become crystal clear about what you want and then be willing to take the first step toward getting it.

Not knowing the “how” doesn’t mean that you won’t have a plan. You certainly know the destination (goal), which will help you back into a plan to get what you want. Once you have your general plan, be willing to be flexible. I had a map on every road trip I ever took, but I still ended up getting lost, taking detours, and had amazing experiences that I never expected. That’s exactly how life works. Yes, you will have a plan and, at the same time, you will be willing to tweak it as you proceed -- one step at a time.

You cannot get there from here, but you can get there by taking one step at a time. There are no short cuts or big leaps that will get you there any faster. It will take the time it takes; but, you will get there if you are persistent and consistent with your efforts. Each step is an important one, and one not to be missed. Although the end goal is important, it is only one part of the journey. The journey to the goal is actually where the fun and excitement happen; so don’t rush your trip. Have fun, enjoy each step, and celebrate when you reach your goal.

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