Life coaching for anyone who is open, honest and willing to explore their potentials.

Life Coaching for anyone who is open, honest and willing to explore their potentials.

A Journey of Self discovery to Self Love
I guess it is divine timing that I am writing these articles to share with you how to coach yourself.

I believe that to shift the mindset of individuals, families and organisations to develop self leadership by inculcating the value and importance of self love would eventually create a vision of “A world where self love flows beautifully within individuals, families and organisations.”

We have been brought up by our beliefs that it is self cantered to love ourselves first. The revelation I had is through a shift of my mindset. This was process of three to five years’ journey and it is a “work in progress”. I didn’t just find out suddenly that I need to love myself when I wake up one day. It happened when I was in a rut, went through changes in my life. In a way I had to make changes and do things differently. I must say that it took a lot of courage. The process is about getting out of one’s comfort zone and stretches yourself to do something that you have not done before. Then the experience of breakdowns in confusion before a breakthrough manifest. A breakthrough is an increase in confidence and that was definitely worth it. Was it scary? Definitely yes! I can hear you asking, “Then why did you do it?” I had enough of what I don’t want.

If this feeling resonant with you, you will find it useful to read on.

What I don’t want was the feeling of boredom, searching for meanings in life; Having communication and relationships problem; Feeling stuck in a rut.

For most part of our life we live day by day; not knowing where we are, not knowing where we want to go; where we see ourselves in six months’ time, in one year’s time from now. That is OK for some. For those who are not satisfied with this, read on. There are tips and techniques which I am going to share with you regularly. If you decide to do the exercises, this would be free self coaching which I am contributing to you. You could give me feedback on how it can be better or share with me what is not clear to you by commenting on the space below.

Do you agree that:

• You could have a lot of things flying around you feeling overwhelmed.
• You could be doing a lot of things and not feeling satisfied at the end of the day.
• You could be bored, doing the same things over and over again.
• You could be feeling a sense of loneliness.
• You could be feeling very stressed.
• You could be feeling that you need to be more confident.
• You could be feeling that you have no work life balance.
• You could be asking question like, “Is this what life is about?” There must be more to it!

This is the beginning of your inquiry into your own life.
Day 1 A Journey of Self Discovery Journey to Self Love
There may be some very useful questions to begin with. Read on, take a pen and a book and name it “Self Discovery Journey to Self Love” and answer these questions in a quiet place, in a park, coffee joint, somewhere where you are not distracted. “Time alone”. It’s a great start to love yourself and value time for yourself.

For once do something very different from your routine. Life Coaching is about doing things differently.

• Forget about grocery,
• forget about work,
• forget about tuition for your kids,
• forget about errands to run,
• forget about picking up the laundry……stop doing things, task.. start creating a special ’space’ for yourself;

For once remember you still have you! You need ‘quiet time’ for you.

For once doing something for yourself, and not someone else.

*How can you begin the journey of discovering your self? Loving yourself?
*What do you really really want in life?
*What is your definition of success? Does it have to be the same as others?
*What would make you feel successful. What would you be doing to feel successful?
*What do you see yourself doing? Where would you be?

Quiet your mind. Our mind gets very busy thinking of what to do next, who to call, what if…….
Can you hear yourself now? Become aware of your thoughts…..focus on the questions above, not those in your head and answer them one at a time.

If you were to visualise, take your time to visualise it and write it down in a journal. Just keep writing and let your thoughts flow. Does not have to be in proper grammer or right words, just let it flow, trust that it will be OK. When you have done that, you may pick up the positive, inspiring key words from your journal, words that speak to you. Summarise them into a short statement. It is OK to keep refining it until it feels right to you.

Coming next is another article to help you continue your journey of self discovery to self love through Life Coaching.

February 24, 2009

Author: Dolly Yeo
Mindset Coaching

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Mindset Coaching
Dolly Yeo
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Dolly Yeo has helped many people achieved their goals, double their income, increase confidence and find their passion.

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Mindset Coaching is about recognizing, believing people's potential and a partner in education for individuals & teams in personal and business development. It is experiential coaching simplified for useful, daily, applicable communication to have leaders contributing as a change agent; To have people leading meaningful, fulfilling and an inspiring life.

Mindset coaching is a process of the coach and client working together on a one to one session to get clarity of where you are, create vision of who you want to be. Being who you really are gives you self-expression and freedom. The freedom to choose wisely. Customized one to one coaching gives you bonus years. What you wish to do and think is difficult, becomes very easy. A coach helps reframe your mindset. A reframed mindset with freedom and self-expression makes it possible to achieve your goals and build your future. This is an opportunity to choose to create new possibilities. The process of coaching is the journey of self-discovery, where you reach into your inner intelligence and use it to achieve your goals.

Dolly is the Founder of Mindset Coaching formed in January 2003. She was the Director of a family antique retail business for 17 years. When she started her own family, a career transition brought her to become a Life and General Insurance Agent for 4 years. She has been a very active member in the Toastmasters Movement since 1993. She was elected as the Past President, Mentor & Co-Sponsor of two Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore and had conducted four Speechcraft's educational programs in 2000/01/05. Besides being the Winner of the Toastmasters International Division Speech Contest in Singapore, she was also awarded the Toastmasters' District 51 Governor's Citation Award in 2003 for her contribution to the Toastmasters' movement and an Outstanding Toastmasters Award 2002 by Raintree Toastmasters Club. She is an Active Parenting Certified Leader (USA), Certified Parent Facilitator for Parenting Workshop. She is a Results Certified Coach (Australia); a member of Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches and a member of the International Coach Federation Singapore.