Looking back at my high school yearbook, the senior class asked what you wanted to attain in life, most people said simply to “be happy.” Of those who I have kept track of, I think very few have found true happiness despite having attained financial success. You readers, you students, have been asking me for years to create a “Course in Life for Teenagers,” so I have, but in creating it I realized that it is perhaps even more important for parents to take it, really, everyone. Most people don’t have these success skill sets. The answers lie within, happiness lies within, but you have to learn how to go within. I will teach you this.

The first training involves learning how to connect. How can we achieve anything in life without knowing how to connect, or how to gain the clarity and insight to make the right choices? First we must empower ourselves by knowing ourselves, we must search within and know what brings us our greatest joy, what gifts do we have to share, what contribution we can make. We need a map and compass, this course gives you that map and compass to navigate the currents flowing through your life. Like a Jedi, you learn to use the forces of nature and natural law to attain happiness and peace.

The next step is to take conscious control of your mind. To realize your full potential and find enduring happiness and peace, you must become conscious. I am going to show you how to transcend limiting beliefs and fears and develop a healthy self esteem, one built on humility and true self knowledge. You need a Yoda. The force is within you, but if not used wisely it’s easy for our mind to go to the dark side, seriously. Higher consciousness is then applied to every facet of your life, including communications, relationships, sex, work, money, and investing in order to create prosperity, happiness and peace. The third and forth classes provide the secrets to conscious relationships, Jedi mind power through voice, and how to love and be loveable and have respect and confidence. You will also learn the secrets of financial success, so any teen can become wealthy.

Finally, we are going to give you a whole program for physical, emotional and mental well being, a whole new paradigm for living. Don’t get stuck in habits that will hold you down later, and learn how to get into the shape and state of mind where you are on top of the world. We just gleamed the best, from the best, and put it in a package that is easy and tasty to digest. This is the “if I only knew then what I know now” shortcut, why go through a lot of difficult learning experiences to get it. Get it now. Like getting all the answers before the final exam, the point is that you learn it, sooner rather than later. This is a proven way to have it all. Live your dreams.

From the heart,
Steven S. Sadleir

Author's Bio: 

Steven S. Sadleir is the Director of the Self Awareness Institute and is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages. He has developed powerful distance learning programs for people of all cultures and faiths, trained thousands of people from all over the world, and welcomes all of you who are ready for full Self-Realization.

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