Many still struggle keeping the holiday flame alive this season. Employers are asking the best of their employees while employees fear that they may lose their jobs unless they give it all.

How can we find some positive balance between working hard and keeping our sanity? How to handle increasing demands in the workplace and at home, staying in good shape and living up to the family’s expectations for gifts and favors?

These are some tips to continue to balance life and work during the holiday season:

1. Work hard: Needless to say, if your job is at stake, you must bring your best effort. You will always feel good about yourself if you’ve tried your hardest to succeed rather than wonder what would have happened if you had put more effort.

2. Collaborate with others: Just like you feel you may be having a hard time, others may feel exactly the same. Rather than feeling alone with your challenges, reach out to others and plan on how you can work toward a common goal where you would both win.

3. Think of times of change as opportunities: It is hard to lose a job or to inherit the job of others as people are laid off. You could isolate yourself and lament what you’ve lost or, instead, you could look at the situation and see, instead what new opportunities may arise. Look at what is needed at this time. While many may be losing their jobs many others are starting prosperous initiatives.

4. Plan on pleasant gatherings with others at work: It is true the world will criticize your organization if you spend thousands of dollars in a Spa but, on the other hand, you want to reward your employees for their hard work. If you are asking them to work longer hours than before, you will also need to reward them for their additional effort. Inner reward systems continue to work best. However, employees will always value that their hard work is rewarded. Although there is no need for big expenses, having time to laugh and enjoy during breaks will be of essence.

5. Create a budget: Plan your budget for your fixed expenses and project what you can buy beyond these expenses. Stay within your budget, even if tempted to buy nice things that you don’t need right now.

6. Stay healthy: high levels of stress can trigger medical-related problems, including high blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, extreme anxiety and depression. Maximize the Four Pillars of Biological Health on a daily basis to stay healthy.

7. Keep a positive outlook at home: You may be worried about your job, the financial situation and the economic crisis but, you will also need to keep a positive outlook to benefit yourself and your family. Avoid talking about the financial crisis all the time. Instead, find positive topics for conversation. You want to spend quality time talking about what is important to you as a family. Keep the holiday spirit alive at work and with your family and friends.

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