Thoughts are so powerful. They change the way we feel and the way we act and react to our world around us. Indeed our own perspective virtually creates the world we live in. We could change our lives and the world with one powerful shift in perspective, and we could do it right now. Are you in? What would happen if everyone chose to see their fellow humans as teammates rather than competitors, becoming a “we” instead of a “you versus me.” This simple concept is the key to unlocking our power as individuals and as humankind!

Individually, we can:
•Get to know who we really are. Our need to compete and compare with others causes a constant stream of judgments and stories that run through our minds as we rate ourselves higher or lower than those we come in contact with. When we are able to see ourselves as teammates, this would end. Then, we could more easily see inward, past our ego and its lies, to who we really are.

•Conquer our fears. Many of us are so afraid of what others will think of us that our dreams become encased in a permanent state of paralysis and quickly become petrified memories of what could have been. We cannot move beyond that fear of criticism, rejection, and failure. As we begin to see others as teammates, we envision a more supportive environment where each individual has a significant contribution to make to the team. We see that indeed our ideas, our talents, our dreams will not only be accepted, but will be appreciated and even celebrated. Rather than being afraid to share our gifts, we will feel compelled and even obligated to do so.

•Be our Best. As we become part of a powerful team and learn to search inward for who we are, we develop the confidence we need and even a longing to be our best individually so that our team can be its best collectively. We are able to become masters of ourselves as we stop trying to be masters of other people.

Collectively, we can:
•Respect each other as equals. As we see each other as part of the same team, the differences in us start being recognized for the good they can provide the team rather than as barriers that separate us.

•Understand and communicate with one another. Recognizing our sameness, we can identify with, empathize with, care about, and forgive each other.

•Strengthen and serve each other. As we see each other as teammates, we want to lift and build one another for the good of the whole team. We understand that when one is wounded, our team is wounded, and we work to strengthen them.

•Cooperate with each other. We can work together to solve problems. By combining our individual worth and power, we can see much greater results. We can share victories with one another sweeping away envy and jealousy.

•We can become global citizens. We can stop dividing ourselves by location or region. We can be a global family working together to strengthen one another, our team, and our environment.

Together, we can share one common goal and purpose which is individual consciousness and peace among us. Do you believe that all of this is really possible with just one small shift in our perspective? Are we really that powerful? I believe that together, we have the power to become our true selves, to reach our full potential, and to change the world into the environment that our very souls crave and long for. We need only believe it to see it. Are you willing to try? Are you ready to experience the Power in We?

Author's Bio: 

Linda McPharlin is an author with a passion for empowering people! Through her concept, The Power in We, she encourages people to see themselves as part of the human team and to be their authentic and best self.