Lessons of the Labyrinth:

I often walk the labyrinth, outside of Grace Cathedral, on California Street in San Francisco. It seems to somehow do for my brain what the reset button does for my computer when it is stuck :) In fact, I have often commented to myself that the Labyrinth resembles a brain. While I walk, I do my best to breathe deeply and open to receive each moment through my senses 360* and practice gratitude that I am walking easily and all my senses are working well. I often get insights into the apparent paradoxes of living in this level of creation. Here are a few of them.

Lesson #1 Sacred is a human distinction. All of creation is sacred.

At first I was upset with the tourists and others who walk across the Labyrinth without respect for its sacred context and meaning. Then I noticed that the pigeons also had no regard for the Labyrinth’s sacred context and meaning. Why, I wondered was I so hard on people who had as much idea as the pigeons and who are also children of the one creator. I was able then to release my Self-righteousness. Being Self-righteous keeps me from the experience of being loving and being loved.

Thank you pigeons for teaching me all of life is sacred.

Lesson #2 Birth and Death are the great levelers. We ALL enter and exit these same portals. The half way point in the center of the Labyrinth is different for each of us, as we have no way of knowing how long or short our journey will be here. Carpe Deum!

When I rush, I rush towards the end of the Labyrinth = death. It is certain. No need to rush. No need to compare my pace to someone else’s.

Lesson #4 Goals are simply games I have created. I remember to enjoy the process.
I take in and consume the moments on my journey through my 5 senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and seeing.

#5 Presence = Presents/Gratitude: How many people, plants and other creatures contribute to my moment to moment experience on my journey. All of creation is here
To share presence.(presents). I use my walk to regain mindfulness of each moment with each step.

#6 Balance: I practice opening my gaze and doing cross/crawl and other applied kinesiology or “Brain Gym” exercises while staying on the path to practice awareness of my inner center and the seamless integration of my inner reality with all there is. I remember that I am a multi-dimensional being connected both to the center of the earth and the limitless reaches of the universe and both distinct and indistinguishable from everyone and everything else…depending on which level of reality I am focused on.

#7 Generosity: Stepping aside to let folks and pigeons pass allows me to practice generosity, ease and flow. If they are headed toward me, I can cut a corner or step aside to avoid meeting them and use the metaphor to practice avoiding conflict in my life.

#8 Certainty: If I simply place one foot in front of the other, I will arrive at my final destination. No way to get lost if I mind my own business. Spirit is guiding my steps one breath at a time. I am literally receiving inspiration from respiration.

#9 I receive the wisdom of the Universe and express gratitude and respect for all that is while in the center. Then I go forth from the Labyrinth and give the gifts I have received!

#10 I am free to walk at my own pace in my own style, no matter who is watching.
It is an opportunity to be aware of my fluid body, my fluid posture, gait and feet.

#11 Non - attachment: People enter my life and walk beside me for a while…then go their own way, on their own evolutionary path just as they do here, on the Labyrinth.

#12 Today’s message was that I have a choice to be a Sacred Liver or to be Scared and have a toxic liver by making my system acidic with stress. I am motivated by this message to do a liver cleanse. My liver and other “organs” make the music of life. Each “Chakra” literally has a musical note.

Author's Bio: 

Naomi Colb, BS, RDH, HHP is passionate about motivating women over 50 who are facing health challenges or highly stressful situations to live healthy and satisfying lives, leave their legacy and inspire others to do the same.

Ms. Colb helps clients to practice simple, easy behaviors that dramatically and quickly increase their vitality and the overall quality of their lives.
Here is a hyperlink to a site that allows you to “walk” the Labyrinth online even while you are in bed: www.labyrinthonline.com/chartres.html