I stopped by the nursery to ask an expert to come to my house to see why my beautiful young tree appeared to be dying. He told me the tree was beyond help and couldn't be saved much to my sadness. He began pruning some of my overgrown plants and asked if I'd like him to continue. Much appreciated, I said. He instructed me as we moved through the yard.

He worked like a symphony. You could tell that he didn't learn what he was doing in a classroom. He was working from somewhere inside of himself, intuitively, lovingly from his soul. When he finished I offered to pay him but I sensed he would refuse. I knew there was no way to put a monetary value on what he had done.

Everyone has their own unique work to do. When you do it, it is easy and flows. For some it is difficult to discover what their purpose is. But not finding it means missing out on what we were meant to do on this Earth. It is easy, especially in this culture, to distract ourselves by meaninglessness.

Deepening knowledge of yourself is the goal of much coaching.

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